Tuesday, April 16, 2013


he feeds his demons well
alone in the dark
preparing for war
says he craves peace
but finds battles in
every encounter
warring the world
a world he created
black upon black
alone in the dark
he feeds his demons well


Steve E said...

Good! I assume "he" is Satan.
And the food (IMO) is PRIDE!

Karen from Mentor said...

wow. didn't see that coming. didn't have satan in mind...but can ABSOLUTELY see the interpretation.

love it when something I write gets turned on its head and lets me look at it in a different light.

thanks for stopping in steve.
Much appreciated.

mrs mediocrity said...

Today, this can have so many interpretations. We all have our demons, wishing peace for us all.

Karen from Mentor said...

and less food for the demons.

amen Mrs. Mediocrity

Heaven said...

To feed our demons is to continue being alone in the darkness and warring the world around us ~ Thank you for sharing this ~

thecourseofourseasons.com said...

Karen - love the lines ..warring the world, a world he created' this is so true about so many people, isn't it? K

Karen from Mentor said...

it's hard to watch when it's someone you love deeply. only thing to do when you're on the outside looking in is to be an anchor and a light.

raysharp said...

good poem, karen. i like this story, a little shadow-world you've created. you've always been a good storyteller

Karen from Mentor said...

been forever since you've been in to leave a footprint in my space ray. hiya.


poemblaze said...

Well done!

John Wiswell said...

I try not to do this. Such a nasty habit, but I was very good at it for a long time.

Karen from Mentor said...

for some -- it's like dropping a needle in a groove. but the groove looks the size of everest after a while. hard to scale, and a slippery slope.

thanks for stopping in john.

Karen from Mentor said...

thanks Matt. nice to see you out and about.

estrella05azul said...

A bit (more) dark, but I like it. You have a great way of leaving things up for interpretation - what I love about (your) poetry!

Karen from Mentor said...

this bloomed from a #fivewords posting on twitter, estrella.

he feeds his demons well

the line wanted to stretch itself. turned out like this.

[better out than in] hee.