Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How Happy Was I To Have A Camera Handy?

Anyone who knows me well knows that I delight in small things.

I look for things daily to delight IN. The smallest thing can make my day and leave me chuckling for hours.

So, can you imagine my reaction as I looked out of the car window while driving along the highway at 70 mph,

Not only seeing
JESUS rising out of the ground
….but being able to find my camera, focus, and actually take a photo of the spectacle?

I thought that I'd died and gone to heaven……


mdvelazquez said...

I love when I get a capture like this. Good for you.

Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks Maria,
The best part is, I didn't fall out of the car window while taking it.(but it was a close thing)
If you're a photo fan, I'll be posting beautiful photos on "Steal it Saturdays."

So far I have Soul Searching Sundays, Musings on Mondays, Ten Questions Tuesdays, Whatever Wednesdays, Things I've seen Thursdays, and Fake News Fridays.
But I may deviate from time to time if something exciting never know!
Karen :)

Kris said...

I've see that site along the interstate many times, and I always wonder what the inside of the church looks like. Can it possibly compete with the lake and statue out front?

Cool blog! I look forward to coming back tomorrow for Fake News Friday!

Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks Kris!
I found someone else's photo posted on the web from a wider angle and it showed a fountain sparkling in the foreground. The fountain added that little extra ting. (make the sound in your head, you'll get what I mean)
I think really the only thing that they could do to make the statue better would be to have a spot light shine down on it from a satellite and add a chorus of angels singing....

judy said...

I can't believe this picture! I absolutely LOVE this. And I am wowed by your a) presence of mind (while driving, which one could argue may make your presence of mind questionable after all) and b) preparedness! I never ever have my camera at these moments, or it is out of batteries, or it fell under the car seat...

Can I steal your pic for my next week's "caption this?" Please? Please? I'll link to you and brag about how you can take pictures while driving and no pedestrians were injured in the process! (Can I say that truthfully, or will it be a lie I'm perfectly willing to tell?)

Karen from Mentor said...

Feel free to steal it. I'm going to have "steal it saturdays" as a regular feature.

There is a MUCH better photo of it online...but if you use mine I get all the bragging about contest....USE MINE!!
And I wasn't driving at the time, I was passenger(ing)?? ie: I was on the other side of the car.
But we did hit a pedestrian....just not while taking the photo.
And if you liked THIS photo,wait til next week, boy we're going to have to talk offblog...
And as far as having a camera at the ready...ever since I saw batman in full regalia driving a motorcycle down the street early one tuesday morning...I never go ANYWHERE without one.
Karen :)

Swanny said...

Of course, fans of the Bob and Tom Show will recognize this from Heywood Banks' song, "Big Butter Jesus".

Karen from Mentor said...

Hey Swanny!
Thanks for coming in. How are the dogs?
Karen :)

Judy said...

T-shirt artist needed! (Must work for blog fame, as we are starving writers.) <-- That's the sign we'll hang in our little virtual shop window.

Karen from Mentor said...

Hey Everybody, the anonymous door works now. Feel free to come in that way.....but leave some sort of handle so I can say Hey! if you would.
Thanks! Karen :)

Karen from Mentor said...

tee hee, Judy, I see you saw (fun to say) that I updated my random thoughts.
Karen :)

jane, candid said...

It is Big Butter Jesus! Now I have THAT song stuck in my head.... Oleo oleo oleo oh Lord.

Karen from Mentor said...

go to judy's site and read about ear worm.(zebrasounds-see blog below)

The bad part? Now I'm going to go have to hear the song thanks to you and Swanny.

My curiosity....can't help it...could resist Swanny....can't resist....Jane....she is strong in the force she is.

Karen from Mentor said...

Holy cow, holy cow, holy cow. I went to

and saw the video and heard the song.....I can't believe it's not jesus....oh man!
too funny