Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ten Questions Tuesday with Beth Fish

Today marks the start of a new regular feature called:

Ten Questions Tuesday.

Miscellaneous Yammering is proud to have as our guest interviewee the lovely, talented and somewhat outspoken Beth Fish of sothefishsaid. http://www.sothefishsaid.com/

Today will be a bit different because Beth is only going to answer five questions.

So it'll be Five Questions Tuesday today. Beth has small children, a husband who travels, small children, a job on top of taking care of the aforementioned small children, and she is currently cooking from scratch.

SHE'S BUSY, PEOPLE.... cut her some slack.

K: Hi Beth, thanks for stopping by.

B: Thanks for giving me a reason to skip working out today.

K: How long do you have the sitter for?

B: Sitter? What is that? I have maybe four minutes before one or the other of the kids starts screaming.

K: Then we'd better get started.


K: Your name is Beth Fish, and you work for Marshall Karp. Does that just sometimes make you dissolve into fits of giggles?

B: I had never thought of that. Never. But yeah, now it is making me giggle. One of us is going to have to change our name. I think it should be him, don't you? I mean sure, he's a famous novelist/screenwriter/playwright, but I'm a mommyblogger. No contest.

K: You've been sleep deprived for years, do you sometimes find yourself leaning on things and sleeping standing up? And if so what's the weirdest thing you ever leaned on?

(try to keep it R rated)

B: I've fallen asleep sprawled on the playroom floor a couple of times, which has led to more than one compromising position with Little People. The toys, not actual Little People. I wouldn't do that in the playroom anyway. Think of the children.

K: You've been a mom for a while now. You occasionally go out with your really cute husband. Are you still at the stage where you have to show every new babysitter where the fuse box and fire extinguisher are?

B: We are so spoiled that until today the kids had never had a babysitter who wasn't a close blood relative. It still took me about two years before I could just go out and relax. Now I worry more about what the children are going to do to the babysitters and always expect to return home to find my parents snoring on the couch while the children freebase Teddy Grahams in the kitchen.

K:When was the last time you spent more than twelve minutes alone in the house(awake) with your husband? And what did you do? (btw: you can lie and exaggerate all you want here...whatever you say my comment is going to be you go girl)
B: Well, let's see... Mia is almost four, so.... Ok, one night she spent the night at my parents' house so I was alone in the house with my husband, but I was out-to-there pregnant so I think I went to bed early and he called a hooker or something.

you go girl...

And finally...

K: You're a vegetarian, which I found out recently when I offered you a sausage recipe...sorry about that....so, this whole being a vegetarian thing......is that why your butt looks so good?

B: My butt is a sad and frightening place these days, but not as sad as my poor, poor boobs, which were nothing exciting to start with and I didn't think they could really get much worse but two pregnancies and 28 months of breastfeeding proved me wrong. Oh, wait, you asked about my butt. Sorry, I have this need to talk about my boobs on the internet. It's like Breast Tourette's. I went on a "date" with my husband last weekend, and at one point told him that he was really lucky to be the one going home with me because my ass looked fabulous in that skirt. It isn't the vegetarian diet, though, it is the 28-pound-baby squats. I'm willing to loan the kids to anyone who wants to try my workout regimen.

That was fun Beth! Thanks for stopping by. Your hilarious and irreverent take on what it's like to juggle career and kids is why your readers love reading your blog....oh and all the talk about your butt....now everyone will have all the boob talk to look forward to too......oh no, I just realized that the same bunch who comment on your blog will be commenting here today.......um, Jane, I have a feeling that today we won't be "keepin it clean for the tweens".......


mdvelazquez said...

Great Q&A.

I followed you from Beth's site. The Boca sausages can be found in a regular supermarket, usually in the freezer section with the veggie burgers.

Karen from Mentor said...

Hi Maria!
Glad you stopped in. I first found Beth by following a trail of breadcrumbs to her site and have followed her followers into lands I never knew existed.
Welcome aboard. Thanks for the sausage tip.
Karen :)

morninglight mama said...

Nice interview-- you both had me giggling! (While trying to ignore the damn Little Einsteins in the background... the show, not my brilliant children!)

Karen from Mentor said...

Hey morninglightmama...glad to provide adult distraction...the door is always open...stop back anytime.
Karen :)

Meredith said...

I, too, am a Beth follower. Glad to have found someplace new to spend my vast amounts of internet time (she says as the oldest of five kids is arguing with his friend about who is better on Guitar Hero.)

Anonymous said...

Karen, This was fun. Thank you! The problem with having found your blog is that you keep introducing me to new blogs. Soon I will be trapped in blog heaven, which sounds good until you notice that my kids aren't being fed, my book isn't being written, my clothes are being washed... This could get ugly.

Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks for stopping in. Beth is awesome! Tell your son...in a nochalant way of course....that Guitar Hero really just comes down to a matter of STYLE over actual talent. (and the girls really love a rockstar..so he'll have that going for him)
Karen :)

Karen from Mentor said...

Are you kidding me? I looked at some of your collected blogs this morning...how do you get anything done now????? Interesting people are everywhere. AND love your collected tweets!
Loved the earworm piece....Loved the fear of being loved piece.
Karen :)

Country Girl said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere. I would have commented earlier but all I could think of was: Damn you were so smart to get Beth Fish to appear on your blog and Oh Lord - why didn't I think of that myself and by the way - I don't think I would have been as funny. Also BTW - the whole vegetarian thing threw me too. In fact, I dedicated an entire post to it!

Karen from Mentor said...

I just launched on Sunday and I've had SOO many people come to visit...but a LOT just lurk... lol.
I hope to have more commenters soon.
thanks for saying the Q&A was funny. I laughed so hard when I first read Beth's rant about her boobs. omg.
I have my next tuesday interview set up and it's a doozy...come back and see! thanks for stopping in.

jane, candid said...

Karen, you are starting with a bang! Very funny interview! (We won't worry about the tweens over here...)

Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks Jane, Beth is a hoot and a half.

When you do YOUR 10 questions we'll have to keep it clean for the tweens..you don't want to tell that story about the chandelier that you told me the other night.
oh darn, I may have said too much.