Thursday, June 11, 2009

SpongeBob is my co pilot

Now I know that this is an awful photo, but to be fair, I took it from inside my car, through my windshield, through their windshield on a sunny day, trying to be clandestine. I was trying to be clandestine because I didn't want to scare anyone off; especially not the owner of this well blessed car. (I was also being clandestine because when you spell the word surreptitious correctly is just looks wrong.)

Depending on what the driver looked like and how approachable they seemed, I was going to ask about their double icon decision.

I hung around for a while, well for quite a while, until I got hot and thirsty as a matter of fact. Finally I reluctantly left my vigil and went into the large electronics store where we were parked.

I was still grinning when I went inside, and an employee asked me why I was so happy. While I got a drink of water I told him about my sighting and he told a couple of other people and soon I tromped back outside with six employees of said store in tow and then the greeter joined us to see what was up.

We ALL waited while speculating on the why of it all, and hoping to meet the driver who presumably had all of the answers. Or maybe he had some REALLY BIG QUESTIONS of his own.

But the owner never showed, so we went back inside, them to work, me to buy a tiny appliance.

SpongeBob and Jesus had really made our day. (There's a sentence I bet you won't see in print twice today.)

But I had then and still have now, a lingering niggling question.
Just as a fun stop you in your tracks and make you think image, I love this combination.It could be explained as easily as hey, I like Jesus, and the grandkids like Spongebob, so what's the big deal?


And EACH seems to be blessing the road ahead.

Wouldn't Jesus AUTOMATICALLY cancel out SpongeBob?

Just what extra base is this person covering by having both? Inquiring minds want to know. And oh yeah…want to caption it?


mdvelazquez said...

Option 1: Mutual Admiration: Jesus Claps for Bob and Sponge Bob Gives Jesus the Thumbs Up.

Option 2: Jesus leads Sponge Bob to the Promised Land

Sorry. I'm not very creative today. I worked 42 hours between Monday and Wednesday and I'm dragging.

Kris said...

How come I have this image in my head of the owner of the car being aware of your scrutiny and being too freaked out about it to claim his car/icons? I mean, think about it! He sees a lady photographing his car. Hovering near the car. Bringing out people from inside the store for a closer look. I wouldn't come out under those circumstances either! You may be single-handedly responsible for forcing an innocent guy into therapy!

Or maybe he was planning to rob the store, but by placing the car under such intense scrutiny, you made it impossible for him to go through with his plans. Under those circumstances, he wouldn't want to go out and claim his car either.

So... I can't decide if you're a stalker or a crime-preventing hero.

Pretty cool either way!

Karen from Mentor said... do often wear a cape....ask Jane, there's a whole bit about in my WIP.

Did you notice the ROPE in the backseat of the car? You might be on to something after all...

Karen from Mentor said...


I like the idea of SpongeBob leading Jesus to the promised land, he could fill himself with water to help them survive all the dusty dry areas of wasteland....

Also, now I have THAT song in my know...clap for the wolfman...or maybe it's just me...

Poor thing. Get some sleep.
Is that a routine? Read Karen, fall in bed?

Meloi said...

but spongebob and Jesus makes a wonderful team. A TV colorful puppet and The Creator in one ride? Not bad.

lindacassidylewis said...

How about this for a caption? Blessings from above and below (the sea).

Ashley K. said...

In addition to Jesus and Spongebob, I would also like to know what the story is with the rope. Ropes should always be stowed in the trunk so as not to give anyone the wrong (or maybe right?) idea.

Karen from Mentor said...

LINDA...I LOVE that caption. Let's make a tee shirt.

Meloi, I EVERYONE'S gonna being doing this. A trend has begun.

Just what do you have in YOUR trunk?
Thanks for stopping in. Come back soon.
(seriously, send me an inventory of your trunk...I'll wait)

Karen :)

Karen from Mentor said...

Hey, you know what I JUST noticed? It looks like Jesus is levitating SpongeBob.

You know like a magic trick...[nearby lighting strike]...but he's JESUS so it wouldn't be MAGIC would it? ... [YIKES that one was closer] would just be something he could DO....[hey do I smell burning hair?]....Damn, excuse me please.. I gotta go call 911 I think my roof is on fire....

Lisa Katzenberger said...

Oh my goodness that picture is so super funny! And I love that you had the guts, er curiosity, to stand around in hopes of quizzing the driver. But I have no answer for the Sponge Bob/Jesus dichotomy. Maybe some things are just better left a mystery.

janebretl said...

It is the clever eye that can spot something of interest around every mundane turn and turn it into a story! A GOOD story!
Do we know it is a guy's car? Is the spongebob actually an air freshener? Is that a large brick of aged cheddar in the back window?

Caption: Absorbent and yellow and porous is he... and holy and good and observant is thee


Judy said...

I'm imagining the Sponge Bob theme song (thanks to Jane for that earworm) in which Sponge Bob asks "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?" and Jesus gamly cries out, "Sponge Bob Square Pants!)

And yeah, a Sponge Bob / Jesus duet is sort of making me happy.

Okay, so here's the secret coded portion of my comment. I am stealing Jesus 1 for CaptionThis tomorrow. (I know, I need to work on the code.) I can just grab it nefariously from the post. Thank you! (Hope you'll come play.)

Lettera22 said...

You've got me thinking about my caffeinated buddha figurine. I wonder where he is...

Karen from Mentor said...

"Is that a large brick of aged cheddar in the back window? " I wondered the same thing. And I'm pretty sure it was a guy's car. There were HUGE flip flops on the floorboard (fun to say)
hey maybe the car belonged to big foot.

I could not STINKING believe that you not only NAILED your caption with malice aforethought, but that it RHYMED.. bows down and does the I'm not worthy....

Lisa,guts I have, and usually people talk to me about pretty much anything(it's the freckles) so I was hopeful, but alas I was not meant to meet the designer of this particular mystery.

Judy, Steal away, I may have a caption for Jesus 1, but if I had a caption for Jesus 2 I wouldn't have asked for if you steal it too, I'll work on one or simply steal Jane's. :)
humming the squarepants song....Jesus doing the harmony you're right that makes me happy.

Jen, I immediately typed "caffeinated buddha" into google, got some interesting images, but not the right one I think. Send link please?

Lettera22 said...

Sorry, link for the hopped up buddha. I "think" my husband gave it to me or I gave it to him during our early stages of courtship. I did find the Jesus nightlight in my office today, though... :)

Country Girl said...

To me it looks like SpongeBob is giving the finger to whoever is heading in the opposite direction and Jesus is all like: Yeah dude. I totally applaud that.

As for the rope, clearly there's more the Jesus/SpongeBob relationship than meets the eye...

Karen from Mentor said...

Oh man Sarah,
The particular FLAVOR you give a discussion.

so perfect, doesn't need a thing from me dear.
Karen :)

Karen from Mentor said...

I went back and looked at the picture.
the funny thing? Now that's all I can have defiled both spongebob and the lord.
I double my curse on you from yesterday for making me sing the green acres theme song in my head all day....
may you stub both big toes in something soft and squishy.

Tricia said...

Holy Neptune! (no pun) How in Poseidon did my car end up on your blog? Mystery solved.

And to answer everyone's question about the rope, well, there was a rather large inflatable Spongebob on the Burger King rooftop as some sort of ad campaign. So anyway, I needed the rope to steal, I mean, borrow Spongebob for a garden accent. He looked splendid until he popped.

Karen from Mentor said...

Oh Tricia I'm so glad you were able to clear up this mystery after all this time.

Now I can sleep again....

*happy sigh*