Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ten Questions Tuesday with Judy Clement Wall

Today at Miscellaneous Yammering we are delighted to present the lovely and talented, winsome and wonderfully toothy Judy Clement Wall. Judy is the author of Zebra Sounds, a thought provoking and hard hitting political and interesting fact finding blog for anyone curious about the world around them and cats who flush toilets (whew)..... joining us for TEN QUESTIONS TUESDAY.

K: Good Morning Judy, you smell wonderful, what's that fragrance you're wearing?

J: Hi, Karen! Actually, I'm not wearing a fragrance, I just smell good. Makes me easy to work with. I should add that to my bio.

K: Do you need a cup of coffee or anything, a blankie? Squeaky toy?

J: Wow, three of my favorite things! You're such a good host. I didn't realize you'd be so prepared to make me feel at home, so I brought my own squeaky toy. His name is Zeke. He used to have fur, but I've loved it all away. Like the velveteen rabbit. Only Zeke is a duck. A once-furry duck. Strange how things work out. I'll just set him here.

Well, now that you and Zeke are all settled in, here we go...

Ten Questions for Judy Clement Wall

K: Judy, you have three names. Serial killers and guys who shoot presidents always have three names....is there anything you'd like to share?

J: Yes, desperately, but my lawyers have advised against it.

K: You write serious fiction. Does that mean when you publish your book you'll get serious money?

J: Yes. No more funny money. My lawyers have advised against that as well.

K: You are surrounded by men in your household. Who sheds more on the bathroom floor, them or you?

J: I haven't seen the bathroom floor since we got our dog, Lexi, last year. We adopted her from the Humane Society, so her breed is uncertain, but she has shedding super powers. No dog can match her.

K: If you were going on a long trip and could only take one thing with you....what would it be? And of course this doesn't mean your family or your dog; of course you would take them on a long trip, what else would go with you?

J: Zeke. Definitely.

K: You have a mind that buzzes with electricity at all times. You are very interested in the world around you. Has that ever led to you being arrested?

J: No, it hasn't, Karen, and that's because I always wear running shoes. I know Jane is partial to Jesus sandals, but let me just say that while they have their sort of earthy charm, they are not conducive to escape. In my experience, avoiding arrest often comes down to the shoes you're wearing... I'm sorry, Karen, just a second..[answers cell phone]... Oh... My lawyers are asking that you not include that last question on your blog.

K: If you were walking in the woods one day and saw a unicorn, what would you do about it?

J: Have another drink.

K: Some people are weirded out about certain body parts. Like feet. Some people just can't handle feet. Is there a part of the human form that freaks you out?

J: Who told you about me and feet?

K: What is the oddest thing that you've ever seen your dog do?

J: It would have to be that time she dressed up as a unicorn and surprised me in the forest.

K: This is a two parter.....Best dessert? Best desert?

J: Dessert? Cheesecake, hands down. Desert? LA.

And finally:

K: If you had to do it all over again, what would be the one thing that you would change about what you are wearing today? btw: LOVE the leg warmers.....

J: The headband, I think. The sequins are a little much, aren't they? I was nervous.

K: Thank you so much Judy for coming in to play Ten Questions Tuesday with me. You are so much fun to talk to and I do think that maybe we were separated at birth....

J: Thank you, Karen! It's been fun. When they contact you, don't let my lawyers scare you. They're harmless really, although they do shed.

K: But they shed scales, right?


Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks for coming in to see me in the wee hours of the morning Judy!
And also thanks for introducing me to Zeke.
It was worth losing sleep just to witness his ducky squeaky awesomeness.

Having this discussion with you, as do all of our discussions, delighted and amazed me.
Karen :)

mdvelazquez said...

Great job, Jane and Karen.

Karen, you last line has me howling. I shouldn't laugh since I work in the legal industry, but I can't help it.

I don't see the link to Jane's site.

Country Girl said...

Love 10 Question Tuesday. LOVE.

Karen from Mentor said...

I learned how to embed a link JUST FOR YOU,
glad you liked the Q&A....and fyi, it's ok to laugh at your co-workers, remember my post from yesterday?
Karen :)

Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks Sarah!
Karen :)

jb said...

hi karen! jb from zebra sounds stopping by to read your excellent interview with judy - big fun! i've added you to my list of places to stop by more often. wish you'd been in the white house press corps for the last administration. i'd love to know what bush would have done if he'd seen a unicorn in a forest... :-)

Karen from Mentor said...

Hi jb, I always enjoy you over at Judy's place.
Thanks for stopping in at my humble abode.
Stroll around and have a gander. Sadly, you will find no videos of toilet flushing cats.

Judy has cornered the market on those. Oh, and her 10 things you never knew columns....and the piece about EARWORM...oh EARWORM...that was a great day.
JUDY??? She's the best thing since sliced bread.(and she's cute too!)

Bush commenting on a unicorn....I'm sure I'll think of a witty thing for him to say about a unicorn..(cause lord knows HE wouldn't)....probably at 3:00 am.....come back in and leave your cell phone number...I'll text you with it.....oh, or better yet? I'll just leave it in the comments later..this internet thingy? It's always on. Stop back anytime.
Karen :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen, I'm over from Zebra sound as well. Your interview was great, fun and excellent questions (I probably wouldn't be good at this as you obviously are)!

Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks Estrella,
Judy made it easy. It's that whole smells good so she's easy to work with thing...oh and her SMILE...she has an awesome smile.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Come back anytime.

Anonymous said...

Dang! I am so late to this party. And what a party. You ladies are hilarious. Thanks for the laughs.

Karen from Mentor said...

Nope, folks come along in all day. Judy is such a pleasure to host. And she looks soooo cute in her party hat.

I loved the photo Judy pointed us to that you put up at your place. I'd NEVER seen a hummingbirds's tongue before! Nice capture!
Happy to see you here. Come back anytime. We party 24/7. (but next time, watch your language, missy)
Karen :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! You almost gave me a heart attack! I was stopped breathing and I was thinking, "Ahhhh! Language? Language? What did I say? Oh no!" Geez louise!

judy said...

Karen,thank you so much for having me! You are a delight! I fully expect you will soon be discovered - though for which of your amazing talents, I'm not sure. No matter what it is, I intend to ride your coat tails to fame and fortune.

That's what I'm giving you for your birthday. A coat. With tails. I'm very small, though. You'll hardly know I'm here.


Karen from Mentor said...

It's a bit we do. Keeping it clean for the tweens.
LOL loved the OMG...and the frantic geez louise.
Now go into the bathroom and Wash your mouth out and you can come back and play nice.

Karen from Mentor said...

A COAT!! With tails? can it be of many colors?....like the coat of many colors in Dolly's song?(btw the ONLY time you will EVER see a country singer or a country song referenced by me).....gee whiz..cool......(I'm a size 6,extra tall)[autumn colors] You know the whole red head thing.

I'll just put you and Zeke in my pocket and take you with me everywhere. Less drag on the coat tails, don't want to ruin the lines.

Hey however we get there, I'm sure it will be fun, and we'll remember the little people...even Joe Konrath!! (gawd I hope he doesn't see that) :)

Karen from Mentor said...

Terre Pruitt's hummingbird tongue photo:


I APPARENTLY can't embed links in the comment thread * sigh *

Hugs back at you miss Judy.
Thanks again for coming.

Anonymous said...

Well, I wasn't sure that you were kidding. At first I thought I said something, I shouldn't be making a part of the internet forever. But then I saw I said "Dang!" And I laughed.

My hubby just scared me too. I "chatted" with him on FB and he replied that he wasnt' my hubby that he just signed on with that user name. Scared me at first. Whew.

I see you use strong language: gee whiz!

Sorry you couldn't get the embedding to work.

jane, candid said...

Hee hee -- very funny, ladies! (Talk about late to the party...)