Sunday, June 21, 2009

Comedy, is it contagious?

I've been a pretty under the radar type of chick my whole life.

I've always been funny in person and with friends I know well, but I hadn't done a lot of PUBLIC comedy until this last year or so.

Now after testing the waters for a while, I've built up confidence in my funny factor, and I pretty much let my freak flag fly in person and in my writing.

I say what I want to who I want, and mostly get a positive response. (it might help that I'm cute)

Sometimes there's a Scooby doo double take "huh???" accompanied by that zoinks noise he makes, but that happens less frequently now that I carry an eighties reference to modern day reference translation guidebook with me at all times.

And the Japanese interpreter, she helps, oh and the sign language lady….

What has surprised me the most as I meet more and more funny people, is just like misery loves company, funny people love company.

And it's not just so they can steal each other's material (which can and does happen….you know who you are, Steve Martin) but so that they can feed off of each other's creativity at the time and also to go off and spin it into something of their own making for later.

When you start really getting funny with someone else that's funny? Man it's like an orchestra adding together all of the instruments needed to make beautiful music. You get on a roll, into a groove, and everybody involved gets high.

They really do, because laughing raises the levels of all of the feel good chemicals in your brain, and your brain thinks it's on dope, even though all you're doing in actuality is ACTING like a dope.

Sparks fly, and the creativity becomes so collaborative that even when there is no alcohol involved, without film there's no way to tell who thought what up.

And no one cares.

This is how epic stories get born.

I love it when that happens.

In a lot of situations comedy is…just like yawning and smiling….….contagious.

So go out and catch some comedy, you'll be glad you did.

Comedy, it does a body good.

Did I mention that I haven't slept in 72 hours…….???

This is what emailing me at three am is like.

But you get my point, right?

Creative people love to jam together, and funny people jam with their funny bones…and all benefit from the experience.

So try an experiment today.

Go laugh at somebody….they'll enjoy it….but don't point…'cause that's just rude.

Or better yet, laugh with somebody…and then give them a hug.

You'll both benefit….but make sure that the somebody you're hugging isn't a magazine salesman…'cause I'm pretty they have issues.

Weekly issues.


Country Girl said...

I totally agree. Being around smart, clever, funny people makes me bring my A game. Of course, I wish I could say that in a funnier manner. But it's Sunday. It's been a long weekend. I am too tired to be clever. But that's ok too sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Hey now missy, WHY HAVEN'T YOU SLEP IN 72 HOURS? Am I going to have to come over there and bonk you on the head with a sledgehammer so you get some sleep? (Glares suspiciously at you)


Frank Marcopolos said...

This is very true, and it's like magic when it happens. It's incredibly awesome.

Kris said...

There's nothing I like better than the humor that results from being a sleep-deprived person hanging out with a bunch of other sleep-deprived people. You know the sensation... at 3 AM you're getting so tired that even the dictionary seems funny. After all, it has bizarre words in it like "discombobulated" and "myocardial infarction."

mdvelazquez said...

I couldn't agree more.

Karen from Mentor said...

Holy Hell Sarah...*erp*...I mean shucks and fiddlesticks...I just read your list of weekly don't have to be funny on've been busy.

I'm going to come back and comment on your a day...just like vitamins....

P.S. That thought may have just tied my posting in with tweeting....maybe THAT'S why people infect other people with their FUNNY.

(but that wouldn't explain the folks who tweet "going to the dry cleaner..back soon"...hmm I'll work on my theory

Karen from Mentor said...


now I'm singing the little bunny foo foo song....thanks a lot...

Karen from Mentor said...

The killer fish/little carnivore in the kitchen thread that you and I have going over at your place?
We may have to switch to email....otherwise? People may start to get worried...LOL

Karen from Mentor said...


you forgot linoleum and gubernatorial
(and yes that's how you spell it)
Picture arnold saying both words in your head...hee hee add CALIFORNIA...hee hee hee..whoop..should you be allowed to govern a state that you have trouble pronouncing?

Karen from Mentor said...

You're just buttering me up in the hopes that I'll mail you lip balm...

lindacassidylewis said...

LOL ... so, next step, you'll be appearing soon at your local comedy club?

I admire your talent for writing humor because I don't have it. I write what I intend to be a humorous/tongue-in-cheek/sarcastic blog post and get serious comments! Ah well ...

Here's to the pros!

Karen from Mentor said...

I have a "crew" of twenty somethings that have been trying to get me to do just that at open mic night in a place we go sometimes to see local bands.
I even wrote myself a ten minute bit. But standing up in front of a room full of people sharing my thoughts on why teenage lesbians would never have to leave their room is a LOT different than just telling the guys about it.
(but it KILLED the guys)

I AM however going to let my main character perform my bit in my next novel when she goes undercover.
She has a lot more chutzbah than I do. LOL

Oh and getting serious comments on something you intended to be funny? Beth Fish just had 97 serious comments about emptying the dishwasher. 97! She waited a couple of days and revisited the topic to tell them that she was kidding and using the dishwasher as a metaphor....too funny.
Karen :)

judy said...

Looks like I picked the right time to slide on into your life, funny girl! Laughing was definitely the cure for what ailed me this weekend! Thank you!

Email request... why do teenage lesbians never have to leave their room?

Karen from Mentor said...

LOL Judy,
I LOVE having you slid into my life.
My internet connection is spotty today.. it keeps going out..a little bird told me that t/w is doing maintenance in my area.... I'll get back to you asap on your question via email.

Karen :)