Saturday, July 4, 2009


Buddha came to me in a dreamI was searchingopening doors
The things I saw were not the things I soughtI opened a door to a halla woman insidefamiliara friend before unmetinstantly trusted
She invited me to her classroomI chatteredthen was still
In the room was an entityshe beckoned him to join uswe lay on the floorthe small of my back across her legs

I felt his overwhelming presence
He bowed over my feethis hands open
his heart more so

I felt his intentI felt his powerI felt his love
I attempted to place my hands
in enlightenment mudra position
at my heart
My fingers would not/could not come together
I attempted againand yet againat first frustratedthen relaxing
And suddenly they metall was easyso easily understood
He placed his hands on my feet
The world stoppedbecame smallcontained only we three
The teacherthe conduitthe student
My body was overwhelmed with energy
I felt squeezedas though two giant squeegees
one front, one back
had traversed my bodyhead to toe
Cleansing all pain and despair from my soul
I looked at his facehe was beautiful
I looked at her faceshe was beautiful
I saw myselfI was beautiful
I awokeI am whole


Anonymous said...

Oh, how deeply you've delved this morning. Amazing dream beatifully transcribed. Embrace the message and never let it go.

Karen from Mentor said...

My eyes popped open and I ran to my keyboard.
I wish I could make it into a movie... it was such a gift of a dream. There was such richness to the whole fabric.
Thanks for your lovely words.
I plan to hold the dream gently in my open heart to share with others, if not the details, at least the feelings it left in me.
Hugs to you my friend.
Karen :)

Frank Marcopolos said...

Awesome. I love it when dreams translate to the page. Sweet.

judy said...

Wow. It's that thing I'm always trying to get at, I think. That part about life being so much easier when you stop fighting it all the time. What a beautiful post, Karen!

Lauren C said...

o glorious, beautiful. I felt good reading about it.
wish I dreamt like that...

michelekam said...

Beautiful words create such a wonderful peace within our souls. Thank you for sharing.

Karen from Mentor said...

Who was it that said "I love it when a plan comes together" ?

Glad you liked it.

Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks Judy...that was the most intense part of the dream the struggle to accomplish... then the release as I was able to just surrender to the moment.

Karen from Mentor said...

Hey Ms. beautiful Lauren,
I'm wondering if the dream was the product of the blueberries I had the night before...or it may just be all of the clean living....

Glad you liked it...[feels warm and fuzzy inside]


Karen from Mentor said...

I love spreading peace.
There are too many folks spreading panic and despair...I like to go through life leaving a little sparkly trail of tinkerbell.


Oh dear...that's going in my random thoughts side bar RIIIIIIGHT now. lol
Michele?Give yourself a gold star for being my muse today.

Karen :)

Frank Marcopolos said...

Karen, That would be George Peppard playing Col. John "Hannibal" Smith in the A-Team. One of my favorite shows as a kid!

Karen from Mentor said...

That's right...with mr T!
We must be of the same generation.

Country Girl said...

So beautiful....and I am hoping to drink a little of your zen via the Internet 'cuz I need it!

Karen from Mentor said...

Sarah? I'll get you a funnel then you can drink in all the zen you want. It'll be like a beer bong, only no hangover in the morning.

Rachel said...

My goodness, what WERE you smoking? And.... squeedgee? really?

Karen from Mentor said...

Yes Rachel dear...really squeegee. Who am I to argue with a deity's choice of implement? And no drugs of any sort were involved. Just clean living or blueberries before bed as I pointed out already to Lauren...does NO ONE read the comment thread???


judy said...

I love the image of you spreading joy, just like Tinkerbell! =)

jane, candid said...

Wonderful pixie dust, indeed. Beautiful!

Milli Thornton said...

This is so intensely beautiful, magical, wise and educational, all I can say is *Thank You* for sharing.

Too many words right now would detract from the profound experience of reading this.

Anonymous said...

Really lovely, my dear. I can just imagine all the layers of that dream that refused to translate to words. Keep on mining them, though. Maybe you will get a movie... or a novel from it. :)

Karen from Mentor said...

I hadn't thought about this dream since I posted it until this morning Gracie. It was so cool to read it again after a year's time had passed. The hair on the back of my neck stands up with certain passages.

I think the unconscious mind is an amazing thing.

Thanks for taking the time to comment my lovely friend.