Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby aliens among us

So I was having a blue day today.

Missing friends, feeling lonesome.

Yes, believe it or not... that happens.

About once a year.

Then I saw this:

And I felt right at home again here on this planet that you humans call Earth.


judy said...

Me too (blue)! Me too (way less blue now)!

Thank you hugs!

Merrilee said...

El oh el! You're a crack up Karen :D Way to make me smile.

Cat Connor said...

I feel bad that I've been AWOL while you've been blue missy!

Have barely looked up all day - just managed to get Breezy into clothes, (it's 2:30), almost getting to the point where getting dressed is a waste of time! Going back to work now - that Ellie is on a roll and just won't shut up, she's so excitable at times.


Rachel said...

Tee hee, such a cute alien! What is he, a mudpuppy of some sort?
He just looks so happy! Look at me, floating along with my pretty gills! OOh look, a camera! I should smile for it!
He also still kind of looks fetal. Like maybe he escaped from his egg a little TOO early.

Anonymous said...

That's a cute alien, I see now why Steve Martin didn't hurry up in answering your letter, he's having too much fun :P

Don't feel blue, I often feel like that and it goes away if you read some blogs and have a laugh! :) So feel free to stop by your reader's blogs maybe you'll find something else to smile about :)

Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks Estrella, good advice. That's where I found the alien baby as a matter of fact.

Karen from Mentor said...

hee hee Rachel. Yes you're dead on. He's an axolotl which is (I'm pretty sure) a kind of mud puppy.
so cute!

Karen from Mentor said...

Well Cat if Breezy and Ellie are both happy, let them both just stay in their jammies.
Although Ellie might look funny when the movie of her adventures are made running down the street shooting at bad guys in her bunny slippers....

Karen from Mentor said...

(oh dear)

But why the bad guys would be wearing Ellie's bunny slippers...I'll never know.


Karen from Mentor said...

Glad to spread the joy.
:0D at you!

Karen from Mentor said...

Glad my happy thing also became your happy thing.

Thanks for all the sparkly love you sent my way yesterday.

Thank you for the thank you hugs.

You're welcome hugs back atcha!

:0) !!

P.S. Lauren sent me a drawing that brightened my day immeasurably.

Hope everybody has a happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

I just love knowing there are fascinating creatures like that out there. How can anyone be bored in life?

Karen from Mentor said...

Wow Linda!
You said a mouthful.

The things that surround us.... both on this vast planet and in our ordinary every day lives are just so awe inspiring.

We just have to remember to take the time to stop and look at them.