Sunday, August 16, 2009

Conan O’Brien has stolen my brain

I have a drawer in my kitchen where random things that were "lost" show up sometimes.

Recently I overheard someone say "I'm sorry for your loss" to a bereaved woman.

I understand the human nature part of that.

The part where we don't want to let go of a loved one.

We'd like them to just be "lost" to us for a while.

But wouldn't it be funny if that lady's Springer spaniel showed up in my kitchen drawer?


This thought occurred to me while I was stretching this morning.

But I totally heard Conan say it in my head.

And I laughed.

Then I decided that it was too mean for me to say onblog, but to say that Conan said it in my head?

That works.

But the funny thing?

Jon Stewart could say the exact same thing, but substitute "Grandmother" for "Springer spaniel."

And nobody would hate him for it.

My conclusion?

The fewer freckles you have the closer to the edge you can take your comedy.

And it probably helps that Jon has that cute little tush.


Karen from Mentor said...

I want to take this opportunity to apologize to anybody who has recently lost a springer spaniel or a grandmother.

This joke was totally Conan's fault.

So write to NBC to protest.

And Conan? Get the heck out of my head ....
it's a pain trying to pee standing up.


Judy said...

You are cute! And I'm sure your tush is every bit as cute as Jon's. (I never understood the freckle thing before. It explains why sometimes no one laughs. Seriously. No one.)

(Going to select url for my comment this time. Cross your freckled fingers!)

Karen from Mentor said...

Hey Judy your URL worked. Clicking on your name takes you right to Zebrasounds now.
[good job]

I'm sure people laugh with you despite your freckles just to see you laugh. Even when you do that thing where you have to go back and tell the bits of the joke that you forgot after you get to the punchline.(so cute)

People always laugh when I say something funny. It's just that with the freckles I can't pull off something funny AND edgy unless someone knows me well.

Heck, you've seen my stand up routine. Who knew that my mind was that dirty when you put together 10 minutes of the things I think??
I think for it to see the light of day I'd have to get someone sans freckles to perform it for me. :0)

My tush IS cute. And it's freckle free. So I guess that means that it might have some trouble being blithely funny, but no trouble being sardonic.

(that was fun)

I'll wait for the laugh until everybody gets done looking up sardonic.

(ooh, I guess I can be edgy, but as soon as I have a cookie I'll be back to blithe)

mdvelazquez said...

Ha! You said tush. ;-)

Karen from Mentor said...

I also say booty. But tush worked in Jon's case.

I asked Daniel Radosh if he could slide a big piece of paper onto Jon's chair when he gets to the Daily Show Studio and get Jon to sit on it and then mail it to me.

Then I'd have an impression of Jon's cute little tush.

You work for it sexual harrassment if Daniel does that for ME and not for himself?

(or just creepy and weird in either case?)


Cat Connor said...

I love the things you think! Especially love them when I'm not drinking coffee -cos hot coffee pouring out ones nose is - unattractive? LOL

Karen from Mentor said...

Hey Cat,
Glad you put the coffee down first then.

I love the things I think too. I enjoy me. I'm fun to be around. And I smell like cookies.


~Tim said...

I recently read this line somewhere: "He came home to find his wife missing."

Sounds like she is both lost and found at the same time....

Karen from Mentor said...

Hey Tim,
Thanks for popping in.
Good luck on Monday.
You never know what the new school year will bring.
Hopefully it will bring you some scholars.
Or if not scholars, at least more people to tell your jokes to.

It WOULD be interesting to come home to find something missing. That's one of those weird turns of phrases like "they were held up a gunpoint" as though gunpoint were a place.
(that is of course from FRIENDS)
Nice to see you.
Stop back anytime.
Karen :0)