Sunday, August 16, 2009


and body

sparkling shallow
flowing trickle

many times
dazzled blinking
gazing on
sacred space

only yesterday
to giggly glimpse
drying face

undiscovered is now in the poemblog at voxpoetica. Many thanks to Annmarie Lockhart for publishing it.


harmzie said...

It is lovely. And congratulations.

It is also another reminder of why I am an engineer and nothing more, as I assumed that you were describing something IN the (also lovely) photo, and I went looking and all I could see was Mickey Mouse (I hope it's not a Rorschach thing)

It's probably ALSO an indication of when I should just tell myself "you don't ALWAYS have to leave a comment".

So, yeah: Lovely.

Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks Harmzie for saying the words were lovely.

And what you said about not seeing the elephant was funny.

Show it to your kids and have them start with the circle in the dry spot being the elephant's eye....then picture a big floppy ear in the blue part on the right with a trunk coming out at a 45 degree angle from the eye to the left. I think they'll see it and be able to point it out to you.

But the funny thing is I CAN TOTALLY SEE MICKEY MOUSE's ears in the light and shadow area of the right side of the photo.

And always leaving a comment is always appreciated.

Thanks Ms Mickey mouse discovering engineer!
Karen :0)

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Love it so much I'll post it next week for Poetry Monday :) (even though my blog is not as popular as the poemblog)

PS: thank you for the comment, check back for my response :)

Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks Estrella,
I didn't know you had poetry Monday.

(apparently I live in a cave)

I'd be pleased for you to post undiscovered.

I'll make sure I start dropping in on Mondays more often.


Karen :0)

Anonymous said...

Poetry Monday at Life's a stage - WebBlog is every two weeks, because I don't post enough to make it an every week event unless I convert my blog's name and purpose solely to poetry :P
But you're welcome to stop by any time you'd like to not only on Mondays!


PS: do you have Facebook? Judy has some friends named Karen, but I don't want to add someone who I don't know even from blog, they'll say I'm weird :P

Karen from Mentor said...

I famously don't have facebook Estrella....go read my post called "My friend T is a Rotten Stinking Bastard" after you read it you'll laugh and see why I say "famously"...

I'm sure Judy's friend Karen on facebook is lovely, but she's not me.

She wouldn't think you were weird.
Well, unless you do something weird....(you're not going to do something weird are you?)


Anonymous said...

:) It's okay, I just don't want to add someone who I never interacted with at least on blog. I'd think it's weird if someone added me without even knowing me (unless I stated to be looking for meeting strangers) :P

Have a nice day! Kisses :*

Karen from Mentor said...

And I DON'T think your hubby would like you going about meeting strangers either Estrella. :0)


P.S. Can't wait to see my poem up at your place, it'll be nice to be published in Europe as well. woo hoo!