Saturday, August 8, 2009

Music to judge me by

I often marvel at people who announce what's playing on their iPod in the sidebar of their blogs

I didn't even fill out the favorite music portion of my bio.

I think that some folks announce what they're listening to so that reader can use the music they've chosen to judge the current mood of the listener.

Kind of like a barometer with a beat.

I understand the immediacy of that. The hey I've got something upbeat on because I'm jazzed, or I'm listening to THIS because I feel lower than a snake's belly.

But trying to make a list of my favorite music just seems unrealistic. I'd need charts and graphs and three dimensional diagrams to express the depth of my feelings about music.

I love so many different kinds of music that I think that it would be nearly impossible to give someone a clear view of my musical tastes without talking to them for a couple of hours.

And the type of music I listen to also depends on what I'm doing.

So for me to say on blog what I have playing at any given moment wouldn't make sense unless I actually had a running list up so that you could see ALL the things that I listen to.

I have music for exercising, music for meditating, music for dancing, music for writing, music for making out, music for hanging around reading a book, music for waking me up if I'm flagging, music for settling me down to get ready to sleep.

Music is why I don't need drugs.

Music is mood altering.

Music is life affirming.

Music is soul enriching.

Music inspires passion like no other artistic medium can.

Music can bring people together, and in some cases tear them apart.

How many cases can you think of off the top of your head where music brought people to blows? Either because someone was playing it too loud too late, or because someone insulted someone else's musical taste?

Now how many times can you think of that you've seen music bring folks together? Like at Woodstock or at a Live Aid concert or really at any concert where there are enough people gathered who love the artist.

Music reaches out and grabs you by the heart and shatters age/race/gender barriers.

Music is one of the best things that humans ever invented.

I think that music is what separates us from the apes.

Well, that and the fact that we don't generally fling poo.


estrella05azul said...

I love the 1st part of your post because it defines why I have a separate page on my blog called "my-mood videos".
And the rest of the post I love because it describes my feelings about music. As if you've sat down and wrote my thoughts :P
There's so much music I like but don't listen to all the time, because I need it for a different mood, a different time of day, a different stage of the week, etc.
I don't even know what else to write except: LOOOVE your post! :)

Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks Estrella,
Music is such a personal part of a person.
I love that you said that I wrote your thoughts about music. It's so cool to connect like that. Glad you liked it.

Karen :0)

harmzie said...

ha ha! "generally". Trying not to be impatient for the time when my kids are old enough for that notion to seem distant.

Your thoughts on music resonate. Maybe I'll make a 3D graph about mine ;-)

Karen from Mentor said...

You're right I should have said that ADULTS generally don't fling poo. :0)

After the graph you posted of your flu symptoms that charted your fevered delirium I can only imagine what a 3D graph about music would look like ...

Country Girl said...

God - should have known Harmzie would talk about graphing this...she's such an enginerd...(ps Harmzie love - will you make a graph for my blog? It can be about anything sugar - I just wanted a patented enginerd style graph for ITAC. Thanks! MWAH!)

Karen - music carries me through the day all day. I basically stopped watching TV and find much solace, comfort, joy, and inspiration from my totally random iPod mix. Of course, I need to stop listening to dance music when I am trying to get ready for bed...sigh...

Karen from Mentor said...

Yes CG,
Doing your risky business impression right before bed can certainly wake you up.

I start my day by dancing. End my day by sleeping. They must do things different down there in your neck of the woods.

By the way update the risky business video in your head by substituting Nathan Fillion in his underwear....oh, so much nicer.....

Karen :0)

hee hee hee, now people who google "Nathan Fillion in his underwear" will be presented with me talking about music. What a rip off.

Oh hey CG, I'll talk to you later, I have to go google something.

Lauren C said...

I'm curious: do you listen to music while you're writing?

I don't, usually, but I do have a couple pieces - a few poems, a short story - that were very much inspired by listening to certain songs over and over again. those were fun to write, but a little frightening... I kept thinking that a totally wrong song (like the ONE Britney Spears track I have) would come up and ruin my train of thought.

Karen from Mentor said...

Hey Lauren,
You DO NOT own a [can't type the name] one of HER songs.... you're just funnin me....

I put various music on all day long. And a lot of music inspires my writing. Sometimes if my character is listening to a particular piece of music it's because that's what I'm listening to at that moment.

I almost always have music on while I'm writing. Instrumental music AND music with lyrics.

When I wrote Forgiveness for the blog on July 12th I was listening to Don Henley singing "The Heart of the Matter" over and over. That's a gorgeous, heartbreaking song. And it worked so well for the subject matter.
Hugs to you honey,
Karen :0)

judy said...

I love the way music can bring you so intensely back to a specific time in your life - how it felt, how it looked and smelled and sounded. That's serious power!

I have a friend who sends me songs in email. Just that. No message. A link to a song he's listening to or likes. I love it when I get them. Each one's a little gift.

Karen from Mentor said...

That's a beautiful idea that each email is a little gift to enhance your mood, and to share his mood.

Do you remember when making a mixed tape for a girlfriend/boyfriend was the ultimate romantic gesture?

I think just taking the time to painstakingly write the title of all of the songs on the teeny tiny label they gave you was a declaration of how much you cared all by itself.

Cat Connor said...

I have a playlist, called The Eclectic Redneck, and it's all songs a friend sent to me - as he listened to them over the course of a year. (Everything from Jimmy Buffet -why don't we get drunk, to Iris by the goo goo dolls.) The songs all have something to say about his state of mind at the time. It's my favorite playlist - and I've only ever shared it with one other person.

Music is everywhere in my life - currently it's the theme song from lazy town. :-) But shortly I'll be getting to work and Bon Jovi will win!