Monday, August 3, 2009

A word from our sponsors

Dear Minions,

I am sorry to say that there is not a new Ten Questions Tuesday this week.

I am busy this Tuesday being probed by aliens (the ones studying human funny bones) so I didn't hook up a new tQt.

I'll be beaming up to the alien space ship for a couple of days to help them with their experiments.

Come back for a new tQt next week when I will have the pleasure of presenting a tQt with author Brett Battles.

You'll enjoy Brett's tQt.

Brett is funny and pithy while discussing Death strolling the streets of California and Manny Ramirez trying to kill him, then he goes on to talk about alternative uses for black socks and cyanide. Oh yeah, we talk about his books a little bit too.

So, since I'm not here for our regular tQt date, feel free to take tuesday to peruse things that you haven't already read on the blog.

And until Wednesday when I will be posting a new bare bones story……

Look at the pretty frog.


judy said...

Look at the pretty frog. Pay no attention to the pretty redhead behind the curtain. (She's NOT an alien.)

Cat Connor said...

It's my story, right? lol
Don't let them keep you! - aliens can't be trusted. (Not one little bit - not even a smidgen and especially not the one who wants to be your friend...)

Hagelrat said...

Hi thanks for dropping by unbound. I like the idea of additional uses for black socks and cyanide so will pop back when the aliens return you. Remember, name, rank, serial number, give them nothing else!

Karen from Mentor said...

Hey anybody who gives Cat's book such a great review deserves visitation from me... and if you want I can also hook you up with some aliens...
(they say hi)
I see you have joined my minions.
Welcome aboard!
Karen :0)

Karen from Mentor said...

Yes, it's your story.
And I didn't let them keep me.
Although I do have this funny urge to cluck like a chicken.....

Karen from Mentor said...

I do believe that's the first Wizard of Oz reference here at Miscellaneous Yammering.
Wow, what an oversight.


Rachel said...

Hey, Mom? I didn't need to know that you do yoga naked. I'm in full support of that breathalyzer.

I saw the mothership the other day (everyone else told me it was the SPACESTATION, but come on people, it's the mothership) so I'll be expecting to be beamed up any time now.

Karen from Mentor said...

Good morning Rachel honey,
The yoga random thought has been in my sidebar for a week, you just now saw it? :0)

Just remember to take extra socks and contact solution if you get beamed up.
(they don't have either on the mothership)

Lauren C said...

Does the mothership have toothpaste and clean underwear? That's all I require.

Also, I really really would love to do a tQt. Like really. (I just want to get started on my fifteen minutes of fame... you know, a couple minutes here, thirty seconds there. get fewer paparazzi that way)

Karen from Mentor said...

They do HAVE clean underwear, but there are these strange flaps in them and too many leg holes...I think you'll be more comfortable if you bring your own.

And their toothpaste tastes like frogs (don't even ask)

The tQt request made me laugh...then I started working on it....
(you might be sorry missy ma'am...[looks at ceiling deep in thought....let's see...when EXACTLY did Ruth tell me that Lauren was potty trained?] hee hee hee....)