Wednesday, September 16, 2009

bent but not broken

sodden pillow

each grieving


brings me

a shuddering






has become



I feel rather throbby today, and not in the good way.

I think a better description would be to say that I feel scrubbed raw and emptied out.

The last two weeks have been weeks of excessive loss for me and for those I care about.

I put my third and I hope to god last friend in the ground on Tuesday.

Each loss was hard for me and of course for their families, but that one was shattering.

She was only 36.

So now it's just a matter of allowing enough time to pass to close the gaping wound that's standing in the middle of my chest where my heart usually is.

I'm going to take a couple of days.

I'll be here for Friday flash because I already have my piece written. Then I'm going to take the weekend to regroup.

I should be back to normal on Monday.

Well, at least what passes for normal when you're a writer.

[and/or me]


Laura Eno said...

I'm so sorry for what you've been going through, and in such quick succession.

Rachel said...


~Tim said...
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Annmarie said...

There are no words. Sorry doesn't convey it. But there you have it. :-(

estrella05azul said...

I'm sorry really doesn't cover it, but it's the least we can do. Hugs!

lindacassidylewis said...

Sending healing energy and hugs your way, Karen.

Lauren C said...

Be well...

And know that we'll all be here waiting for you when you're ready to come back: we'll be here, arms open.

Karen from Mentor said...

I want to thank everybody who emailed, phoned, took me to lunch, left such lovely messages on the blog, walked with me in the park and just generally reached out to help me through this.

Thank you for all the hugs..... virtual and otherwise.They were most appreciated.

I hit a turning point yesterday. Hopefully it's going to get better every day from here on out.

Cheerful is my default state. So hopefully I revert to default after hitting bottom.

Bumbles bounce. [from Rudolph]

Apparently so do I.

Karen :0)