Monday, October 26, 2009

Two Sundays, no waiting

In the fall here in Ohio when the sun comes streaming through the woods and the golden trees look like they're lit from inside it takes my breath away. And operating a vehicle without oxygen to your brain isn't a good way to drive, so I stopped my car and took this picture.

Last Sunday I pretty much had to elbow my way through the park because there were so many photographers out capturing wood ducks.

Male wood ducks don't look real to me. They look like painted toys.

Female wood ducks are much more sensibly dressed.

I didn't even notice the robin in the background while I was taking this picture because I was blown away by the contrast of the pale tree bark highlighted by the red leaves.

I love the fall…..I always have…… it's a magical time for me. It's a magical time partly because of the colors on the trees, partly because my birthday is in the fall, and partly because of pumpkin pie. Well ok, mostly because of pumpkin pie. But the other two things are pretty high on the list as well.


Linda Cassidy Lewis said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. It's almost like going on one of your walks with you.

Oh, and about the male/female duck thing ... guys just have to glam up the outside because there's less going on inside.

Karen from Mentor said...

I did not know that fact about wood ducks Linda.
I thought all fowl had pretty much the same internal organs....

[whistling nonchalantly and pretending to completely miss ANY other reference whatsoever....]


judy said...

Wow! Beautiful! It's 77 degrees where I am today, in the SF Bay Area. Sunny and beautiful. The trees are getting naked, as they do, but they are doing so without all the lovely fanfare you have in Ohio. Still... It is 77 degrees here right now. ;-)

Karen from Mentor said...

Well Judy, maybe I shouldn't tell you this...but it's 72 degrees at 6:22pm. And although the sun is down now cause it's fall and all, it was a gorgeous sunny day right up until then.

So today in Ohio we had fanfare AND sun....AND warm weather....marking it on my calendar even as we speak....


~Tim said...

Great photos. I agree with you about the looks of the male wood duck. [and will not comment on Linda's assessment]

Karen from Mentor said...

The first time I saw a male wood duck I thought it was a decoy duck.

Hey that would be a great cartoon character name.

Decoy Duck.

He could go around solving fowl crimes.....
*sigh* [sorry] sometimes I just can't help myself.

Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful! I love love love your photos, and still can't believe you get to see all that beauty when you go for a walk. :)
(please check what time the next plane from Romania arrives there, I'm on it!) :P

Karen from Mentor said...

lol Estrella, after seeing your slide show I think you have some pretty gorgeous things to look at at home too.

But Ohio is pretty spectacular. We'd welcome you with open arms.
Hugs honey!
Karen :0)