Friday, May 21, 2010

Long time coming.....

I used
to be a

in a man's

Now I'm a


Karen from Mentor said...

*Karen says in a soothing voice*

You're not having a deja vous moment.
This post crashed and burned yesterday.
Back up all shiny and new.

Laurita said...

So nice, we get it twice. I dont mind. It's worth it. Poetry that makes me want to roar....

Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks Laurita,
I love this one, didn't want to let it go by the wayside.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry the post crashed... that's never pretty... I remember losing a lot of my comments one time... mine were fine, but what everyone else wrote went missing.

But this gives me the perfect opportunity to say it again: love this poem!!!

Kris said...

You go, girl! I love it!

Karen from Mentor said...

Kris I admire anybody who can pull that line off and you did it with aplomb. Thanks for the enthusiasm. As you know enthusiasm is one of my favorite things!!!
[she said enthusiastically]

Wow Estrella, I'm surprised that you can type today after all the celebrating of your birthday yesterday. You must be pacing yourself. Thanks for taking the time to comment twice!

Laura Eno said...

I didn't comment yesterday because Mr Fluffy told me it would be back today...
Powerful, distinctive Karen original. You roar, girl!

Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks so much Laura.
Mr. Fluffy is a smart cookie.
Will he pick my lottery numbers?

KjM said...

The Buddha said, "Think of me as one who is awake."

These recent works of yours, Karen, achieve the elegant brevity that poetry aspires to (well, leaving Tennyson's "Morte D'Arthur" to one side) as well as the density of meaning and emotion (OK, we can bring Tennyson's "Morte D'Arthur" back now) that poetry delivers.

Congratulations on arriving where you have and on having the talent to express it so beautifully.

I used to be a man in a man's world. Now - much of the time - I am, simply(Ha!), KjM

Marisa Birns said...

Cogito ergo sum.

And cogito that this is a lovely poem of revelation and jubilation!

Karen from Mentor said...

I have a button that Tim made me that says "I write therefore I am" I wear it all the time and it starts a lot of conversations.

I'm so happy that you saw exactly where I was going with this Marisa. But with your lovely deep soul how could you not?

Annmarie Lockhart started me thinking about identity with the Voxpoetica contributor series this month. My poem "Wonder" is in that series, this poem is kind of an offshoot of that.
[For anyone who hasn't seen Wonder, click the Voxpoetica link at the top right hand side of this page in the "published elsewhere" box to go to the poemblog]

Thank you so much for coming in to read and comment on this piece. You've made me giddy with joy.

*hugs Marisa*

Karen from Mentor said...

I'd love to have a twin of you to come murmur in my ear the wonderful thoughtful learned things you say in your lovely irish accent.
Thank you so much. I'm overwhelmed.
*happy sigh*

judy said...

I love it more today than yesterday. (Sung to the tune of...) And since I cannot add anything more eloquent than they have, I will simply agree with KjM and Marisa, whose comments do your poem justice - no small feat. You (and this post) are awesome.

Karen from Mentor said...

*sings along* "but not as much as tomorrow....

Thank you so much for commenting TWICE Judy, and also for the lovely things you said offblog about this piece. I was really pleased with the simplicity of the idea once it was done. The expression of getting to a place where you can just BE. Without jockeying for position. Love you darlin. You make my life so much fuller just by being in it.

Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks and Big Big hugs to all those who came in the first time around but whose comments were lost, and I hope I didn't miss anyone:

AnneTylerLord, ganymeder,Jessie Carty, Alan, Cathy, Cat,Jodi, BL Goss, Erin Cole,Becky Sain.

You guys rock.