Monday, May 17, 2010

Thank god for Eric Clapton….

You always hear people say life goes on and it does, no matter what else is happening around you. One moment leads into the next into the next and so on. ..

And I truly believe that if you live in the now you have so much more joy in your life than pain.

But sometimes you have to take a breath and give yourself over to things to allow the body and mind to feel what it's feeling. Take the time to let all the systems reset. Walking outside, connecting with other people and listening to music have always been great ways for me to do that.

Music has always been a mood enhancer for me. Partly because I love to get up and allow my body to feel the music move through it, to truly surrender myself to the words, the rhythm. Surrendering to music is a lot like making love, you can have a mind/body/spirit connection with music, just as you can have a mind/body/spirit connection with a lover, or you can have a lesser connection with either. It's up to the individual to decide how much they are willing to open themselves up to the experience.

Happy music can make you happy, sexy music can make you feel sexy, techno music most likely just makes you feel like you've had too much coffee.

Then there's the blues. I love the blues. The blues do double duty for me. There are some songs that are just so sad that they make me happy. Then there are songs that make me sob and sob. This morning I had someone reach out to me in a way that was heartbreakingly beautiful. And I hardly know the person. They just felt that they wanted to respond to something that was going on in my life and let me know that they were thinking of me. I was extremely affected by that simple act of human kindness.

About two minutes later someone sent me "Bell Bottom Blues" in an email.

Those two things together completely unglued the let's just get through today and then we'll deal with this other stuff Monday I was having, and I sang along while having a good long cry and let everything out. Scaring all the beagles within earshot I might add.

So, I'm sharing. If you need a spiritual experience to reset your bubble today, listen to and sing Bell Bottom Blues right out loud there in your cubicle with Eric.

After all, He is god.

So if anybody asks ……….you're simply practicing freedom of religion.


Anonymous said...

That song is beautiful, love it. And I also loved the photo, good choice :)
I totally understand what you mean about music making us feel better, it almost always works for me too!

Hope you're out of the blues!
Huge loving hugs and kisses!

Jodi MacArthur said...

This is a great post, but I love love love that you said this:

"I truly believe that if you live in the now you have so much more joy in your life than pain."

Truer words have never been spoken. The blues and Eric Clapton inspired this? Keep listening. Hugs (and kleenex)

Alan W. Davidson said...

Enjoyed the video. I understand what you're saying about the music and 'resetting the system'. There is some music I listen to on a near-daily basis to help me stay relaxed while working.

Cat Connor said...

Having been a huge Clapton fan for a LONG time - and living with someone who was inspired to play guitar because of Clapton... (and who incidentally can play as well as... which is pretty freaking awesome), there has always been a lot of Clapton played in our house. My all time favorite Clapton album is Backless with Layla coming in second.

Okay off to listen to Bell bottom blues, after successfully hooking Layla from the CD rack and not falling off my chair!! :-)

Karen from Mentor said... Cat hooking and not falling off your chair...where do I start?

I like a man who can play guitar. Especially if he does it late at night like Richard Dreyfuss in the Goodbye Girl.

[I'll wait while you cast your memory back there my.... blue eyed girl...]

Karen from Mentor said...

Alan, I love the Celtic program you turned me on to that streams out of your neck of the woods on Sunday mornings.

Music does such a service to soothe the savage breast.

[or is it beast? I can never remember...]

Either way works for me.

Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks for the hugs and kleenex Jodi. By the time I wrote the post I was a lot less soggy...laughing...

Sometimes you just gotta do what the body wants. And right now? The body REALLY wants some cookies....


Karen from Mentor said...

Just dancing around in my kitchen is fun for me Estrella. Let alone when I get to go out and do it.
I started my morning today with Kiss by Prince. THAT wakes the body up let me tell you.
hugs and smooches!

Laurita said...

Nothing like music and a good cry now and then. You really hit the nail on the head here.

"I truly believe that if you live in the now you have so much more joy in your life than pain."

Amen to that.

judy said...

Perfect. Eric Clapton is an excellent choice for temporary savior. Loved this post, Karen. Music is a sensual, healing thing. And so is the best sex. And so are the best friends, and the best experiences... All happening NOW.

Karen from Mentor said...

I'll add Laurita's Amen to what you said Judy.

Thank you both for your lovely words.