Thursday, July 15, 2010


I just saw the most entertaining spin that I've ever seen when someone came in and behaved in a less than grown up manner while commenting on an artistic expression.

Oh hey, that never occurred to me until just now, maybe childish commenters are actually children who are up way past their bedtime and cranky.

*gives that some thought*

First commenter: [we'll call him/her X]


Second commenter:

I find X's use of a period in the above comment strange for several reasons. Since X did not see fit to put his/her blanket criticism into a sentence, the formality of a period seems out of place. By typing a single word, the assumed nature of the comment is that it is being typed in imitation of a spoken catcall. This sense is reinforced by the fact that the word cliche is not capitalized and by the reduplication of the letter i, which is apparently meant to give the reader the impression that this transcribed catcall is being delivered like a punchline from a 90′s sitcom. And so, naturally, any punctuation other than an exclamation point seems out of place. Or, to put this criticism in a way that X might better understand:


This poem is fantastic by the way.

I laughed and laughed. I wanted to leave a response to the second commenter consisting of just the word *applause* but I figured that there was no reason to poke the first commenter with a stick ……

The poem being commented on was penned by the Daughter of my Heart, Lauren Carpenter, and it's a beauty. If you'd like to go see it you can visit Dark Sky Magazine HERE.

Oh and just to finish off the part where my buttons are popping off my vest from being proud….Lauren's poem Field Woman was just published in The Greensboro Review Spring 2010 Number 87.

I've always been quite fond of the number 87.


Karen from Mentor said...

If anybody is new to MY and needs "Daughter of my Heart" explained .... Lauren is my "extra" daughter. The one who spent her formative years playing with my own lovely Rachel and myself.... giving us both non stop glee and joy by basking in her presence, but going home at night to her own lovely parents. [best of both worlds]
Click on "Lauren Carpenter" in the tags to see her Ten Questions Tuesday interview. She and it, are quite deeeeelightful...

Anonymous said...



Laura Eno said...

I love that second response and I'll second Margo's *applause*

John Wiswell said...

Do you need a lie-down after that one, Karen?

Karen from Mentor said...

No John, I feel quite fine within myself, thank you for asking.

[I did twirl a bit earlier this week because I have a new skirt, but that's a different story]


Karen from Mentor said...

@ Margo and Laura...
I had someone ask if *I* wrote the second comment..... I laughed...I WILL confess to adding two words when I reproduced the comment that the author had inadvertently left out in his/her original comment. The word "to" and an "a"....

But otherwise? No. Wish I had. Didn't.

Thank you both for taking the time to read and comment.

Helen Ginger said...

The second commenter was brilliant. That one goes on the front page of a book on intelligent put-downs.

Straight From Hel

Laura Eno said...

So...the editor in you jumped out and fixed the comment... *knows you too well*

Karen from Mentor said...

Yes, but recently? I spelled appreciate wrong in a comment thread. AND I LEFT IT. AND I SLEPT THAT NIGHT.

*personal growth alert*

I love Laura.

Karen from Mentor said...

@ Helen,

We'll have to find out who it was so we can credit them...


Laura Eno said... hat is off to you... :D

Karen from Mentor said...

Thank you.

*hair stands up on back of neck*

Can you hear me if I just whisper your name? Like in a in my house?

[insert scary music]

Alan W. Davidson said...

You know how I am about poetry, Karen, so I can't comment. The witty retort, however, was a classic. I bow to their witty rebuttle to the troll's comment. This one's perfect:

"...the formality of a period seems out of place."

Cathy Olliffe said...


Anonymous said...

The poem is amazing, and that comment was fun to read too!
Nice of you to point it out here :)

Karen from Mentor said...

I love that both you and Cat call idiotic people "trolls" Alan. I had never heard the word used that way before a year or so ago.

I just call the silicon based life forms I sometimes encounter in the forest "trolls" .... but I think that's because I've lived a sheltered life.

Karen from Mentor said...

Thought you'd enjoy the intelligent snarkiness of that 2nd commenter Cathy.

Thanks for taking the time to stop in!
Much appreciated.


Karen from Mentor said...

Oh Estrella, I'm so pleased that you transported yourself on over to see Lauren's poem. It's so odd and surreal and visual and well...frankly.... weird and delightful.

All things that make great art.

*looks tickled*

You're such a sweetie.

Sam said...

Lovely poem and a fantastic put down, I thoroughly enjoyed reading both. I'll add my *applause*

Karen from Mentor said...

Wasn't it a great piece Sam?

Thank you for dicing yourself up into tiny bits and traveling over to Dark Sky Magazine to see it.

Lauren rocks.

[and sometimes she rolls, it varies depending on the day of the week]