Monday, August 2, 2010

Nine little words to paint you a picture.....



click on "Ablaze" to see the end result


Marisa Birns said...

Oh, how nice of you to list all the types of kisses.


Very lady-like one because one never knows who is lurking. :)

Your words are wonderful in a febrile kind of way!

Karen from Mentor said...

Febrile: Pertaining to fever [check]

Summer takes me that way sometimes. I just have to keep my hands inside the car at all times, and make sure I stay behind the yellow line.

*smooches you back*

Laura Eno said...

It could also be charcoal...except for the sweaty part.

I smooch you too...Marisa can't have all the fun! :D

Karen from Mentor said...

*nods wisely* yes, except for the sweaty part.

....giggles uncontrollably...

*smooches Laura, gives her a cookie*

j said...

Kiss types. I just love Marisa. (And you.)

Karen from Mentor said...

*speaking for myself and Marisa*

We love you too j!

I wrote a poem yesterday and was looking for a synonym for "boiling over" - These options tickled me, and I thought that they might be a fun place holder until I decide if my poem will be debuting here or elsewhere.

decisions, decisions.

The piece I ended up with [I titled it "Ablaze"] is rather graphic.... and since I hate it when I make my kid's eyes bleed..... it may have to go elsewhere...laughing...

Hugs and smooches baby!
Thanks for stopping in.

Cathy Olliffe said...

I thought you were talking about a summer heatwave... kisses are much more pyretic.

Karen from Mentor said...

py·ret·ic Adjective: Fevered, feverish, or inducing fever [check]

I love learning new words.

While setting up that list I was thinking about something heated alright Cathy, and summer kisses would definitely be involved.

Next best thing to summer kisses? Winter kisses in front of a roaring fire.