Monday, November 1, 2010

Unchained melody....

[recipe for happiness]

Stand still

Lay down
your baggage

The kind you

Hug to your

Take out and

With a tear salted
rag made from
the bitter tatters

Of your given
once too many
times heart



estrella05azul said...

Wow! *she somehow manages to utter in amazement*

KjM said...


With a tear salted

I love the rhythm here, not to mention that you nailed the recipe beautifully.

Yes. Just how much lighter would we be were we to simply let go of all we carry around so carefully.

You have a way with words, Ma'am.

KjM said...

The [repeat] at the end is just perfect - for we are ever a work in progress.

Theron Kennedy said...

Smells like fresh baked hugs. I love it.

Laurita said...

The repeat at the end is like a lovely sigh. This is a very good recipe, if you get it just right. You did.

Karen from Mentor said...

Wow, what nice comments to come home to. You guys rock.

Love the "smells like fresh baked hugs" Theron that tickled me pink.

Imagining the repeat at the end being a sigh is a gorgeous idea Laurita. I'm going to pretend that I intended that all along. *grins at you*

Thank you both for taking the time to stop in and leave me such lovely words.

Karen from Mentor said...

"...of all we carry around so carefully."

That's it in a nutshell Kevin. It's our pain, our story, our problem. Some of us don't even know how to BE without the baggage. But it's a whole lot nicer to live without it. The past shaped us, got us here, but it doesn't have to determine how we live in the now.
*wow... [laughing].... how'd that soapbox get under my feet?*

Thank you ever so much for coming in and saying just the perfect thing [twice]

*hugs Kevin*

Karen from Mentor said...

You're just so sweet. I love it when you say that I delight or amaze you. You amaze me on a regular basis. Thank you for taking the time to tell me you appreciated my words.

Huge hugs!

*happy sigh*

bsain said...

I love when you post your poetry.
I love when you post all of it, really.

This is like a sacred talk that we should all be lucky enough to have someone give us -- so thank you for giving me a sacred talk.

estrella05azul said...

Well you also amaze me on a regular basis, leaving me speechless (so you're really lucky I was able to at least type that much) ;)

I love your poetry and as far as recipes go, this is my favorite ever!

Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

Crying helps, too. Big gobby crying, the kind that leaves you puffy the next day.
And reading other people's insightful poetry, that really helps!
(Stoopid baggage - where's a porter when you need one?)

Karen from Mentor said...

LOVE the phrase "big gobby crying" Standing by a big body of water and letting it go works too.
Thanks for adding to the recipe.
*big grin*

Karen from Mentor said...


Karen from Mentor said...

Go check your email Estrella.
[too much mush enclosed for public viewing...giggling]

Thanks sweetie. *hugs you*

Kaye Barley said...

oh my. perfect! thank you!

Karen from Mentor said...

Squee! Thanks Kaye.

I'm amazed that Kaye will read anything that I label as "poetry"-- since I once wrote her an epic poem about a sock monkey.
[and she professed to love it....]

I have wonderful friends.

Helen Ginger said...

Fabulous. That one word "repeat" at the end made it resonate. Love it.

Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks Helen. Didn't expect to see you this week cuz of jury duty.

*feels extra extra special that you stopped in, especially with a fabulous in your pocket*

--skips happily off...

Helen Ginger said...

Shh. Don't type too loudly. Phone's on mute, but you never know.

Karen from Mentor said...

Hee! Ok, typing quietly.....