Friday, November 12, 2010

Will work for food.....

When I feel small
and alone

I know I need
to open myself
up more

A heart that’s
doesn’t pinch


Anonymous said...

Quite true. Lovely thought for a Friday, or any day, Miss Karen. Thanks. :)

Jodi MacArthur said...

"A heart that’s
doesn’t pinch"

Words to live by, beautiful.

Anonymous said...

For that, you get a kiss on the cheek. :)

KjM said...

"You see," he told her, "stretch marks are a good thing."

Now, stretching(!) the image far beyond necessary, gaining stretch marks, whether on the heart or elsewhere, may involve discomfort, if not outright pain.

But, joy also.

Beautiful poetry, Karen.

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful, deeply profound, Sparkly.

Anonymous said...

Wow, wonderful poem packed with so much feeling in such few words!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Perfect. Beautiful. Inspiring. Dang -- how do you do that? ;-)
Well done!

Karen from Mentor said...

I love it when you call me Sparkly, Linda.

Those were all the words it seemed to need, Estrella.

Thank you both for taking the time to read and comment.

*Big hugs*

Karen from Mentor said...

Pain and joy are often co-mingled Kevin. But if you fear the pain, oftentimes you never get to experience the joy.

I love going naked into that good night...

[you can stretch my metaphor anytime]

Karen from Mentor said...

Such a chase response from you Bryan.
You might have a fever or something.
Thank you eversomuch for taking the time to stop in.

*smooches you back*

Karen from Mentor said...

Thank you Jodi.
And thank you for shouting my words from the rooftop. Much appreciated.
*Bigger Hugs*

Karen from Mentor said...

Happy to think that I did something to lift your day Gracie.
Really appreciate you always taking the time to let me know you've seen what I had on my mind.

*hugs Gracie*

*Skips happily off....*

Karen from Mentor said...

oops...missed Becky. I laughed at the "dang" and grinned at the rest. Thank you for both appreciating my words and for keeping your response PG. That delighted the H E double toothpicks out of me.


Karen from Mentor said...

Hee! Just saw that I left out the "t" in chaste in my response to Bryan. Took a minute to see if it was a freudian slip somehow....but nope...just a typo...

KjM said...

...[you can stretch my metaphor anytime]...


Not touching that...your metaphor I mean...and no..."metaphor" isn't a, um, metaphor's

It's complicated.

*scurries out the door*

Helen Ginger said...

I love that last verse. It really struck a chord.

Laurita said...

I think my heart grew two sizes just reading this.