Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Cup pleasure
in your hands

Bury your nose
in it

Let it overwhelm
your spirit

Revel, soak, wallow,
saturate your senses

Gather instances of joy
into your pockets like
sparkly breath mints

To be taken out
and savored as
refreshment for the soul


Laurita said...

Refreshment for the soul. I like that. My soul could use a tictac.

ganymeder said...

I love the physicality (is that a word?) of this poem. Great #1 for the new year!

PJ said...

Nice, Karen - very nice. I'll be stockpiling for use in case of emergency ;-)

Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

(Quick -get rid of the extra 'and' in the third last line before anyone notices - ack - I hate saying stuff like that!)

A sweet and wise poem, as sparkly as its authoress!

Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks Cathy. I'm laughing because I told Estrella earlier in an email that this was a week to hand out I made a typo due to sleep deprivation badges.

Glad you saw the extra and.

KjM said...

There is such a sensual feel to the language here...I'm just going to saturate my senses a while if you don't mind.

Gorgeous stuff, Karen.

Anonymous said...

This reads so easily and lingers with you even after closing the browser window.
Amazing poem honey, the perfect first post for 2011 :)

PS: I have my badge glued to my forehead ;)

Al Bruno III said...

I like it very much!

Karen from Mentor said...

Aw, sweet of you Al. Thanks.

Karen from Mentor said...

I've had poems running through my head non stop the last week Estrella. I just wish they'd take off their boots, they're getting snow all over my subconscious.

Karen from Mentor said...

*Pulls up a chair for Kevin*

Take all the time you want my friend. I love it that you know how to revel.

Karen from Mentor said...

That's the idea PJ. More joy, less emergencies.
I think I'm actually on to something. I'm working on a white paper for the AMA ....

*smooches you*
Thanks for stopping in.

Karen from Mentor said...

Yep,physicality is a great word Cathy. Loved that you used it here. Exactly captures what I was going for.
*happy sigh*

Karen from Mentor said...

*grins at Laurita and hands her a tic tac*

[see why I love her?]

Jodi MacArthur said...

i dont knw why, but this makes me think of sea glass. curves smooth treasures waiting to be found, smelling of a world so foreign yet natural to us (yet I wuold never eat them). lovely, Karen

Karen from Mentor said...

I'm a huge fan of sea glass Jodi, love the way it feels. Thinking about it tumbling and tumbling in the ocean experiencing who knows what and smoothing out its rough edges over time is a lot like living life. We are what our experiences make us. And sometimes we turn into something beautiful in the eyes of our beholders.

Love the line: "curves smooth treasures waiting to be found"

I think you should work that into a poem.
[go ahead....I'll wait]

*hugs Jodi*

j said...

Love how this poem made me grin. There is music here. Refreshments for the soul is wonderful.