Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love bug.....

My lovely pirate speaking wench of a fabulous writer friend Jodi MacArthur is sponsoring a contest called “Viva la Love pen” over at her place.

You really, really need to go HERE to look at some of the oneliners about love that she’s collected. Oh and see what the prize is….hee hee hee

I sent my first entry the day she started the contest, but after a couple of days I decided that I had another thing or two to say about love.

These are my entries as of now:

"Love is....he not only doesn't mind your tentacles...he helps you thread them through the holes in your sweater."

“Love is....listening-- when all you REALLY want to do is make them see it your way.”

“Love is....cold hands, warm heart ...and both can make nipples stand to attention.”

Feel free to go on over and throw in your own two cents about love. Jodi’s a lot of fun to play with. But you’ve got to hurry. She’s emptying the wading pool of pudding on 2/3 and announcing the winner 2/4.

I have no idea how she’s going to choose. I’d go with Angel’s contribution. But that might just be me.....

Jodi has chosen a winner:


Jodi MacArthur said...

Thank you for the post, Sweethaert. I love love your outstanding attention grabbing tentaclizing... one liners!

I'm still posting and still completely open to the universe on love, so everyone is encouraged send and don't be shy. I've been surprised how shy some people are, its actually quite endaering.

It is strange, there have been a handful of one liners when I read them, kind of strikes me (love at first sight) and those are going into a separate pile for decisions later (these are still coming in too!) This could be a reality hallmark card making show. ;-)

Thanks for the shout out, Karen!<3 <3

Karen from Mentor said...

Oh you are so very welcome jodi my love. Laurita nearly KILLED me a few minutes ago with her line.

Between this and something else that tickled the hell out of me today I just told Gracie and Netta that I was going to have to put my head in a bucket for a while to calm down.

Bucket: Noun. 1-Simple sensory deprivation device used in extreme cases of hilarity

Anonymous said...

Those entries are so you, Karen, love them!

I've just sent in mine as well, thanks for the reminder :) (you know me and the tons of tabs I constantly have open in Chrome...)

Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks Estrella, I'm pretty pleased with mine. I can not WAIT to see yours.

Alan Davidson has two that I love. One is mushy, one is silly. There are just so many ways to go with this thing, it's wide open.

I would have posted about the contest earlier but I wanted to give a couple of days to the post about 52 stitches.

Hopefully everybody has time to not only find their thinking cap, but to put it on and get inspired about love before the deadline drops on them and leaves them wishing they'd shouted their deepest darkest secrets about love to the world through a jodi shaped megaphone.

[yep. no matter how I word that, it just sounds wrong]

Jodi MacArthur said...

The bucket makes sense now, Karen. Silly. A Jodi shaped what?!? ;-)

Estrella- I did recieve yours ( it's beautiful and real like your poetry) and will post tonight when I am able.

If I'd had known what this would have turned into I'd have artist on standby and have them start etching as these came in and turned this into a chapbook. Wouldn't that have been a beautiful work of random beauty? I'm babbling. Thanks agian Karen and Estrella

Karen from Mentor said...

Oh wouldn't that have been lovely? The nice thing is there's a permanent link to the whole collection on your website where we can all come to look at it any time we want. And we don't even have to wake you up to pull the chapbook out from under your pillow to do it.

*happy sigh*

[get some sleep darlin, you're dead on your feet...but still cute as a bug snug in a rug]


Jodi MacArthur said...

Thanks, hon

ganymeder said...

I couldn't possibly compete with the tentacles one, but I'm so glad you shared! My daily dose of philosophy is now consumed. Thank you. That was delicious.:D

Karen from Mentor said...

*preens a bit*

[and if you've never seen that done with tentacles you've been missing out]

I LOVE the line that won Cathy. I hope you go over and check out the whole list. They're marvelous and witty and silly and funny and thought provoking.

*happy sigh*

KjM said...

Hmmm...*takes hands out of the refrigerator and looks around sheepishly*

...and grins

A really, really fun contest. I was honored to be mentioned - and in such terrific company too.

Karen from Mentor said...

Your line was lovely Kevin. I don't know how you stopped at just one.

[will have to watch him eat potato chips sometime]