Saturday, June 20, 2009

Steal it Saturday

Today kicks off Steal it Saturday. I have posted a photo for you to steal for your very own. My suggestion??? Set it as your laptop/pc background for a day or two to bring you joy. And happiness…. and contentment…or just to make you grin.

My current laptop background is busy making me grin, but it is more of a personal nature….nuff said.

If you want to use one of these photos for something OTHER than your own personal use….contact me and we'll talk. I own every photo I will be posting. If I do post someone else's photo, I will credit them and link back to the original photographer.

The only problem with Googleblogger that I have encountered at this point is that what you see here is the LARGEST I can post a photo inside a blog posting. But, small and fuzzy as it seems on the web page, if you left click on it and open it, when you set it as your background….at least on the attempts here in Karen land, you get a clear sharp image to enjoy. (let me know if that's true for everybody...)

So, here is a lovely grumpy blue swallow for you to giggle at.

Oh and anybody want to caption it????

P.S. today would be a good day to de lurk. If you stop in, say HI. I get a lot more traffic than I get commenters…NOT complaining mind you, keep coming in…I'd just like to say howdy.



Anonymous said...

LOL, he does look grumpy, doesn't he? How about: Don't even think about it!

Karen from Mentor said...

I LIKE that one Linda.
Keep em coming.

judy said...

"Do these feathers make me look fat?"

And there's something about good things in small packages but I can't quite put my finger on that one.

I am awed by your photography skills. We have a magic camera now, with which I am able to take a decent picture. Before we got it, I took pictures that, when showing them to people, I would have to describe in detail what I'd been trying to capture because it could not be discerned by looking at the photograph.

Karen from Mentor said...

Hey Judy,
The first one would surely be a female bird's caption(and was clever) but the second one about small things being good? Would you think that would be a male or a female bird comment??? :)
(easy guys)

I am now picturing you describing made me grin. It's all the arm waving you do, oh, and the three dimensional diagrams, and the standing on one foot? Great. Good. Works for me.

Karen :)

Frank Marcopolos said...

Howdy! That picyure reminds me of a bluejay that I unfortunately killed while driving to appointments upstate. Hm, that's all I can think of right now. Maybe I need more coffee.

(Oh, and nice to meet you!) ;)


Karen from Mentor said...

Hey Frank,
Thanks for stopping in. Come back anytime, just don't bring your car with you and run over any of my critters please. Enjoy the coffee, it smells good. Dark roasted right?

Karen :)

Lettera22 said...

Hola Karen!

"Uptown or downtown...Thai or tapas? God, I hate Saturdays!"


Karen from Mentor said...

LOL. Was that you or the bird talking?
Karen :)

P.S.Thai, definitely Thai. yeah. Thai.
(I'm a good driver)

mernitman said...

"I was going to go with a mohawk, but the blue dye is enough, right?"

Karen from Mentor said...

Nice Billy.

mdvelazquez said...

Hello Karen: I'm not functioning at top speed, so I don't have a caption for you.

Karen from Mentor said...

I know the feeling. My brain was MUSH yesterday. It'll be a few days before I feel tacklike again. (as in sharp as a...)
Hope you get some rest...cause I expect some top comedy from you later in the week missy. TOP Comedy I say.
Glad you stopped in to see the little guy so at least Mr. grumpy gus could give you a grin.

Lauren C said...

Love the photo... love all your photos. Love the blog. Love you. :D

This swallow looks like he'd be in The Godfather. Not that I've seen The Godfather, but, you know.
Something like... "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse."

Karen from Mentor said...

Nice one Honey,
thanks for coming both my chicks have left tracks in my proud...sniff

Love you big fat hairy bunches right back!