Friday, August 14, 2009

The dangers of twitter part two

Hi everybody, well it's official. The comments on yesterday's post were funnier than the post.

Thanks to all of you who came in to do Vader's bidding.

Well except for Maria.

She must have been wearing her tinfoil hat.

A couple of unexpected things came of it.

These guys posting my joke on an eagles forum website :

And an email asking me to join a parent's against twitter protest group.

[ok, I made that second part up, but I did engender some interest from academies studying the dangers of twitter ]

And just for all of you wishing I'd tweet, here's an example of what you'd have gotten from me the last two days.

Last night:

On a blanket outside in a big crowd listening to a boy playing the piano.

Boy STILL playing the piano, it's been an hour.

Man, wish he'd be done already so the flutes can play.

Ah, he's done. *Wild applause*

Darn, no he just thought that piece was extra special and took a bow.

Boy still playing the stinking piano.

Crowd drifting off.

And this morning:

This is the second time I've craved cold spinach for breakfast.


What I learned?

Tweeting makes you snarky.

I eat weird stuff.

And the internet still cares (a lot!) about Don Henley.

That last part makes me happy.




Anonymous said...

You know, the level of humor on your blog -- both yours and your commenters makes it hard for someone like me to fit in. Is there a class I can take?

Back to the Twitter thing. I'm curious why you seem so insecure about it.

Lisa Katzenberger said...

Linda, if you get a flyer about the funny class, please forward it my way.

Karen, I will continue to attempt to win you over to the benefits of learning more about the publishing community via twitter. It's not just status updates. You can learn real, honest to goodness info about books being published, an agent's pet peeves, conferences to attend, etc. And think of all the eyeballs you'd have on your legs!

Please join us, we'd love to have you!


Karen from Mentor said...

Ah Lisa,
There goes Vader again. Offering upgrades to my anatomy.
Yes, I'd love to have those extra eyeballs to put on my legs, but you won't get me to the dark side with just extra eyeballs.

I also won't wear a bluetooth. Don't need to.

I already have telepathy.


Karen from Mentor said...

You just take a cloth and polish your funny bone daily.

A little mineral oil goes a long way.


Lauren C said...

Haha, love the tweets that were untweeted.

It seems to me that Twitter belongs to people 30 and over... I have very few friends my age who are interested in it. And my over-30 friends who are pretending they aren't as old as they are don't Twitter either.

So... maybe you're just too young at heart? :)
No offense to those who do Twit, though. My dad does.

Karen from Mentor said...

You should have been at the concert Lauren.
It wasn't that he wasn't talented, he was great. It was just really HEAVY music and there wasn't a toe tappin piece in his whole program.
Outside music needs some toe tappin.

The best part of his set was a squirrel high in the tree shading us that was really interested in the piano music crescendos. He kept popping his little head out and shaking his tail. FUN!

And me being young at heart is a GREAT reason for not being interested in tweeting.
Let's go with that.

Karen :0)

judy said...

Your fortitude is Twitter's loss, K. (But thank you for tweeting to us on the sly.) ;-)

Karen from Mentor said...

Hey Ms. *My name is Judy and yesterday I competed in a writing challenge and totally kicked it's butt...*
(that's your nickname for the day btw)
Have you recovered from writing almost 6,000 words in one day yet? You Rock!

You KNOW that anything I NEED to know that's on twitter you tell me about.

Glad you enjoyed me pretending to be tweeting in the posting.
as an addendum ..Just now I could have tweeted "hurt my hands while trying to break ice free from the ice tray" See why I don't tweet? It's just TMI. Lol

But I do appreciate it when folks like Merrilee tweet that they loved my Bare Bones Story.....and believe it or not some of my random thoughts have been tweeted by people who liked them so....I guess Vader's working for me too.... *sigh*
He's everywhere.

Tricia said...

I came here because Linda said this is where I can go to laugh. I'm having so much fun on the sidebar that I almost forgot the posts.

As for Twitter, I do not Twitter. My reason is that even the biggest fans of it will say it's the biggest time suck. Right now I have no time to afford sucking. Maybe later when things settle. Things like words settling on the page in perfect syntax, structure, and format.

Karen from Mentor said...

Hey Tricia,
Thanks for stopping in. Glad Linda pointed you to me and glad you like my random thoughts in the sidebar. I love to make folks laugh. :0)

Come back anytime.
Karen :0)

mdvelazquez said...

I'm wearing my tin hat and have pot protecting my front (my bow to Jackie Gleason).

Karen from Mentor said...

I KNEW those foil oragami classes would come in handy.