Saturday, August 15, 2009

National read my blog naked day, or just look at the pretty picture

A friend sent me an email yesterday looking for fall creative projects.

In the body of the email she said "summer is ending."

I was shocked!

Summer can't be over already.

I haven't declared a national holiday yet.

I've had the blog now for seventy five days and in all of that time, I haven't declared a national holiday.

I don't know what I was thinking.

There are just so many possibilities holiday wise in the blogging community.

You can have national innuendo day, national I love a celebrity day, national look at the thing I've accomplished day, national make a blogging friend day, national I'm having a really good hair day, national read something different day, national I swallowed a bug day (I don't have high hopes for that one) national coin a catchphrase day (we once tried to get "Trundle my daisyheads" to catch on but there were no takers) national I'm from Greenland day and finally national delurking day.

So, if any of these holidays appeal to you, let me know.

If you have a national day that you've always wanted to see declared, here's your chance.

If you want to delurk and say hi, where you're from and "trundle my daisy heads" while declaring a national holiday AND reading my blog naked…….

You get bonus points.


Just look at the pretty fat little monarch caterpillar.

Happy "I'm having a fabulous hair day and I just wrote this post naked in Ohio while thinking about Tom Hanks and reading War and Peace and I SO just trundled my daisy heads if you know what I mean day" everybody!


Anonymous said...

Okay, see, I'm always leery of unfamiliar phrases because I fear they're double-intendres and I'm the only one that doesn't get it, so I'm not going to say that daisy head thing.

But I'll vote for National Gray Hair is Sexy Day.

Karen from Mentor said...

Oh nice one Linda!

Paul Newman would be a GREAT example of that one.


Frank Marcopolos said...

National Tuna for Lunch Day.

Karen from Mentor said...

Nice Frank.

With pickles and mayo on a big roll.


Lauren C said...

Love the chubby caterpillar. I keep looking for them at our local prairie-fied park, but alas, all the milkweed I see are monarch-baby free...

Today, for me, is National Enjoy Seasonal Produce Day (Actually, it's been like that every day for the past month or so) and also, at the moment, National Man-I-Need-to-Wash-My-Hair-Later Day.
um... too much information? :P

judy said...

Lauren, I am definitely celebrating National Man-I-Need-to-Wash-My-Hair-Later Day. Also Try-a-New-Shaving-Cream Day, and Buy-New-Pretty-Underwear Day.

Clearly I am embracing Share-way-too-much-information-day as well. =)

Country Girl said...

Today is actually a DOUBLE holiday for me because yeah - I am totally awesome like that. First of all, it's offically "I Kicked the Ever Loving Crap Out of 8.5 Miles This Morning in 1:14:18 - Yeah Who's a Half Marathon Training Bad Ass Day?" Really. Truly. I am NOT making this up. I swear. It's also "I Forget to get Gruyere at the Grocery Store When That Was Like THE ONE Thing I Really Needed For The Gougeres For Tonight and So I have to Go BACK to The Store AGAIN Day." Less fun than the first. Also - I am reading your blog naked. Well - I am wearing my tiara....

Karen from Mentor said...

CG!!! EXTRA SPARKLY bonus points for being naked and WEARING THE TIARA!!!

You forgot to mention that it was also National Celebrate CG's Fabulous Birthday all week day. (the cupcakes were AWESOME)

Congrats on the 8.5 miles!!! You'll be ready by marathon day. Wow.

And I don't know what Gruyere is. I'm assuming it's cheese, but I'm amusing myself by pretending that "Needing Gruyere to take to the Gougeres" is a euphemism for something else...
Just make sure you stretch enough first. :0)

Karen from Mentor said...

Hi Lauren! Celebrating seasonal fruit is an AWESOME reason for a holiday.

As far as I'm concerned strawberries and blueberries each need their own holiday.

And I loved that Judy piggy backed on both of your other days and gave us Too much information Day....

Everybody click on Judy's name to go to her site because she has an awesome link to some amazing kid's artwork today on "Things that make me smile" I grinned and grinned after looking at it. The link is under *light night rains*.

Judy's site ALWAYS makes me smile, today is just extra special smile worthy.

Hugs to Lauren and Judy and thanks to both of you for playing!
Now go wash your hair and buy pretty underwear while eating fresh fruit. :0)

Country Girl said...

Karen - you never know with me. Needing Gruyere to Make the Gougeres could TOTALLY be a euphemism for somethng else...especially given my current *state* (winks) PS Thanks for the Birthday Love. You're right - the week is not over yet so yes, I guess we are still offcially celebrating! Smooches! And yes - I did think about making some cheesy reference to my birthday suit but decided to pass. Gorgeous gals in tiaras don't stoop to the level of cheesy puns.

Karen from Mentor said...

"Gorgeous gals in tiaras don't stoop to the level of cheesy puns."

Well at least not TWICE.

*winks back*

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I don't think I will earn any points because I have been "barring" music all morning---a chore at which I am severely challenged! Before I get too grumpy and frustratedAnd I am putting down my four colored pen, but I cannot think of any type of National Holiday except Nia related things. None of which are funny, unlike Miss TMI-Judy.

Obviously I need to dance to the music and give the barring a rest. While I did read your blog I am clothed and can't think of a Holiday--but I did remember to add your e-mail address to my safe list so I might receive them in a timely manner from now on. Whew! Oooh, maybe it could be "National Vent on Someone's Blog in the Comments Day"?

Karen from Mentor said...

Oh My Gosh Terre,
You sound SOOOO grumpy. That made me lol.

Yes I think National Vent on Someone's Blog in the comments day works just fine.

And I hearby award you sparkly bonus points just because you persevered.

oh man I'm still laughing.

Ask John to rub your feet. You'll feel better.
Then reread the 43 fun facts about kissing and try a couple of those. Then you'll BOTH feel better.

Anonymous said...

Yay! You know I love bonus points that sparkle. I am not even "into" points, but I am into sparkles so I am all over that!

Barring is very difficult for me with some of the music we work with so my goal for four songs has ended up at 1.5. Sigh. (AND cross my arms and pout while I get my grump on!)

The 43 facts kind of grossed me out, wasn't that where they talked about biting off eye lashes? Ewwwww!

I think I will have some sparkling wine instead. Love my sparkles. Oh and glad that my "pain" made you laugh. (Now its an indignant pout.)

Karen from Mentor said...

AWWWW, Hugs you and pats you on your grumpy head....don't pout.

I just remember the one kissing fact that I told you that they should teach to high school age boys... about a woman being able to ... well ... we'll leave that information on Judy's blog. lol

Enjoy your wine and for heaven's sake don't bar any more music tonight.
still giggling at how grumpy you sound.
Hope the wine helps.

And the sparkly bonus points light up so you can lower the lights and put some mood music on .......

Hugs sweetie.
Karen :0)

Anonymous said...

You know I have to really work at sounding that grumpy. I re-wrote the comment two or three times! :-)

Karen from Mentor said...

oh that's even funnier.
I thought you were actually that grumpy.


Kris said...

"National Read My Blog Naked Day"?!? How is that different from any other day?

Karen from Mentor said...

Nice Kris.
Glad that you make yourself comfortable to come visit.

I won't tell Jane. But you probably put a robe on before reading her blog, right?
Or at least now that you've outed yourself you'll have to tell her that you do.
hee hee hee


Rachel said...

I KNOW I KNOW! National Spelunking While Dressed As a Ninja Day!

Karen from Mentor said...

I totally rocked National Tuna for lunch Day on Saturday....

But I would have combined the holidays by eating my tuna in a cave dressed as a ninja if you'd weighed in yesterday.

Maybe next Saturday.