Sunday, April 4, 2010

National Poetry Month

I like to write short thoughts about things that speak to me. Sometimes these short thoughts are labeled poems. I'm not a poet. Not like Wordsworth was a poet. Or John Lennon was a poet.

But I love to think that sometimes I can string words together that move another soul. I'm amazed when I write something and people feel the need to interpret it. That's a cool thing. They take what I wrote, filter it to through their own views, feelings, life experience and come out on the other side with something that speaks to them, even if what it says to them is not what I intended to say. It doesn't make my creation more or less significant simply because there are various interpretations of it available to various readers. I think that the variability is what makes it an art form.

For the longest time the lovely and talented Bryan Borland, [who is a poet] had this included in his bio: "This poem is about you, yes, you."

If a reader can look at typed words on a page and feel that the words are speaking directly to them, what's better than that?

Ok, sex is better than that.

And the funny thing?

Most of my poems are about sex.

Go figure.

Tomorrow I will be posting a new poem. It's called "Knocking" and it's about sex. Or religion. Or coming in out of the rain. Or anything else you want it to be about. I'll let you be the judge.

Thanks to the lovely Estrella Azul, I'm going to be part of the National Poetry Month blog tour masterminded by Savvy Verse and Wit. I think the tour is a great way to connect up the online community and an opportunity to see work that you may have missed otherwise. I'm looking forward to discovering new poetic voices throughout the month of April.


Marisa Birns said...

Okay this does allow the mind to wander/wonder.

Knocking on the there

or knocking on the church's door and asking for absolution

or knocking on the door of the house telling the relatives inside to "open the &$+k#^& door, it's raining cats and dogs!"

Can't wait.

Laurita said...

Your poems sounds intriguling. Can't wait to see what I think it's about. :)

I'm also not a poet, but writing a poem a day this month has helped me realize that poetry is many things - like hair pullingly hard (yesterday) and loads of fun (today).

Karen from Mentor said...

I just popped over and read your birthday poem for your husband Laurita. So lovely!


Karen from Mentor said...

Well damn Marisa, I knew I forgot something. There isn't a bit of swearing or nary an animal in my poem for tomorrow.

*gets out drawing board*

Anonymous said...

I'm honored that you accepted to be a part of the National Poetry Month blog tour, honey!
Can't wait to read your poem tomorrow!

And I feel the same way about my own poetry, sometimes it just appears out of nowhere, and... :)

Have a blessed Easter by the way!
(For a greeting card for every single one of you guys skip over to my blog)

Alan W. Davidson said...

Karen, your second paragraph really made an impression on me. I often labour over a story and wonder if my message will even be understood. But, as you noted, if the reader is getting something from the story then all is good.

Great post! And you know that I can hardly wait to read the poem you alluded to ;)

Karen from Mentor said...

I've been really surprised by some of the interpretations of both my poetry and my prose Alan.
The filters people use to strain creative works through really color their reactions to writing in general, but I think that you often get a lot more emotional bang for your buck with poems and lyrics. And can get away with using a lot fewer words than with traditional fiction.

I'm tickled pink that I made an impression on you today.

Karen :0)

Karen from Mentor said...

Estrella said:
"And I feel the same way about my own poetry, sometimes it just appears out of nowhere, and..."

Just seems like that sentence needs the word "WHAM" at the end, doesn't it, Estrella?

I'm looking forward to your interview questions. The whole thing should be a hoot and a half.

[If we can stop giggling long enough to type that is.]

Oh and I LOVED the photo you sent me of your bunny all decked out for easter.

佳玲曉豪 said...

thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩ ........................................

Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks for stopping in 佳玲曉豪, glad you enjoyed it.

The Accidental Novelist said...

Hear, hear. I wandered in from Bryan's site. I've enjoyed peeking in on your short thought world. I love that you see aliens in tea bubbles.

Oh, and the LOL cat bible, I admit, I immediately wanted to google that.

Karen from Mentor said...

Any friend of Bryan's is always welcome. He's such a sweetie.

Thanks for stopping in, glad you enjoyed peeking.

Karen :0)