Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's easy being green....

No matter where I go, I try really hard to leave a sparkly trail of joy behind me.

[Imagine flowers springing up as my car passes]

That way I know I'm doing all I can to offset my carbon footprint.


Karen from Mentor said...

I said this to a friend this morning in an email. So gotta give a tip of the hat to David for being my muse today.

[he also gets a gold star and a sock monkey]

Natalia Magio said...

I like it a lot

Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks Natalia. I try to never frown. It makes me dizzy to walk on my hands.

I guess I should explain that by taking a moment to confess that in the eighties I spent a summer in the cult of TurnThatFrownUpSideDown. Old conditioning is hard to shake....

Anonymous said...

You most certainly leave a sparkly trail of joy behind you even with your words, so it's not hard to imagine flowers springing up as your car passes by ;)

Now get those flowers out of the way for a second so I can give you *huge loving hugs* properly :)

Karen from Mentor said...

Sorry Estrella.
*moves some sunflowers over a bit*
It's the combination of good ohio soil and a fertile imagination that makes the floral jungle so thick.

*hugs you gigantically and then jumps out of the way of the unicorns frolicking*

Magaly Guerrero said...

Powerful and so freaking real it's almost scary. I take that back, not "almost' it is scary.

Karen from Mentor said...

Oh dear Magaly, you must have wandered off into the part of the field with the venus fly traps.

*rescues you*

There. All better. Glad you can feel this scenario. I love the idea of making the world the way you want to live in it. And I think we can all do that a little bit every day by spreading joy around with a great big shovel.
Thanks for stopping in.


Laura Eno said...

Ahem...are the flowers that spring up attached to sparkly tentacles? Cuz if they are, you might want to think about attracting the sewer monsters...just sayin'. They find sparkly tentacles to be a delicacy.

Karen from Mentor said...

Um, Laura ..?

Not sure I WANT to attract sewer monsters. I've got enough trolls following me around now, and so many stalkers in my bushes that the giant radioactive spiders can't keep up with them.

[but I've almost got enough bones for a sculpture I'm building of Snoopy dancing]

So, thanks for the tip. But I think that the sewer monster pool is one I won't be trailing my sparkly tentacles through.

*thinks a minute*

Well, unless the spiders need a break. Snoopy has pretty big feet. And you know what they say, you always need more bones for a sculpture than you think you will.

[measure twice, cut once]

KjM said...

Sunflowers...sunflowers...I *like* sunflowers

Please forgive me, hard to think well today, head feels like it's stuffed with...sunflowers??? :D

Easy to believe you leave sparkly trails wherever you far as I can tell you're sparkly all over. *no, I didn't peek*

Karen from Mentor said...

That's ok kevin, it's my own fault for prancing around in these sequined pajamas.

The flying monkeys have been giving me grief about them all afternoon. They hate to wear sunglasses indoors, and if I wear these jammies on a sunny day and they don't have on shades the blinding reflections make them fall off of their unicycles.

KjM said...

Sequined pjs...flying monkeys with shades...and unicycles...oh my!

I'm going back to bed... :-)

Karen from Mentor said...

Good idea.
*hands you a hot water bottle*

Kris said...

Powerful image!

Too bad Hansel from Hansel and Gretal didn't think of this. Leaving a sparkly trail of joy behind them would have been a whole lot better than the stupid trail of breadcrumbs!