Saturday, October 9, 2010

Counter clockwise

A simple shift….
a crow bar's wrench
to the left

In the iris of your
dark heart

To make a space,
a sliver….
an opening

To actually see,
touch and feel

The light that
is me


Marisa Birns said...

Once again you show that you can take words, images, desires, and place them in a way that pleases the eyes and ears. (I read all your poems aloud).

"In the iris of your dark heart" is just wonderful.

Laurita said...

The light that is me...I can't begin to tell you how much I love that. You are made of win and awesome.

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful imagery Karen, loved loved loved this!

Karen from Mentor said...

Your comments were an outstanding way to start my afternoon. What could be better paired with a yummy lunch for my stomach than wonderful words from beautiful friends to feed my creative soul?

Thank you lovely ladies for taking the time to make me smile so wide my cheeks hurt.

Big hugs!

KjM said...

"A simple shift….
a crow bar's wrench"

The point and counterpoint in this takes my breath away.

You have a gift with image, Karen. And you gift us with them.

You capture so well the effort it can sometimes take to be seen, really be seen.

And yet...and your first line suggests, it's not so much to do, it's not so much to why is it...?

Karen from Mentor said...

I think sometimes it's because people set one another in concrete and don't allow for any flexibility in the image they created.

It can be a herculean effort to get past that mind set. The simplest first step is choosing to try.

Expanding the heart can do wonders toward expanding the mind.

Thank you for your lovely words my friend.

*hugs Kevin*

Unknown said...

Lovely way to start my Monday, Karen. You say so much with a few tiny words and a couple of perfect images.


Anonymous said...

I've thought about this poem in the days that I first read it... and I've read it very often (you're welcome for your spike in blog stats ;-) )
It's beautiful -- I can't come up with any other words.
Thank you.

Alan W. Davidson said...

Sometimes a simple shift is all that is needed...simple and elegant, my friend.

Karen from Mentor said...

Thank you Alan.
*BIG smile*

Karen from Mentor said...

Becky you're so sweet. Thank you for everything you've said about this piece over the last few days. I'm so glad that it resonated with you.


Karen from Mentor said...

I love the image of the heart opening like the iris in a camera shutter, Gracie.

Yours seems to live in wide screen mode.

Thank you for sharing your Monday morning smile with me. It's as warm as California sunshine.

*beams at you*