Wednesday, April 3, 2013


summer walk
stolen from a
travel day 

bench under
a leafy canopy
not quite enough
umbrella to  shelter
us from a
sudden downpour 

your plaintive cry of
“I’m getting wet…”
a  squelching dash inside 

walking yesterday
I passed the spot,
how you fussed about
your hair
your shoes
your clothes 

patted  the tree that
had offered shelter
smiled and wondered
if etched in its bark, its limbs,
its rings of counting time 

there would be
a blip of memory of the day
two people took shelter
and he was such a girl


KjM said...

A feeling of fond melancholy in this - a gentle and warm recalling of what once was.


Karen from Mentor said...

oh I'm glad the fond comes through kevin. I was worried that it would look like I was poking fun. there are just some moments that stick in memory. I've always been a fan of how people react to the unexpected. this moment in time will make me smile til the end of my days.

KjM said...

The fond domes through for me, Karen.

I was able to hear that smile, but also got a sense that it was wistful.

Artful writing.

Brian Miller said...

and he was such a girl...smiles...ha i like that as it sets this nicely...and the warmth def comes through in this...

Karen from Mentor said...

thanks for stopping in Brian. Always nice to have you in my space.
see you tuesday for dVersepoets!

Karen from Mentor said...

wistful: adjective

1: full of yearning or desire tinged with melancholy

2: musingly sad : pensive

well kevin, since I know the backstory here, yeah, I can see how wistful would be leaking from the lines.

*locks lips, throws key away*


Anonymous said...

The fond domes through for me, too. A beautiful memory, a beautiful poem from such a beautiful person!

Karen from Mentor said...

thank you sweet Estrella. I'm pleased and amazed that you took time to come over and read with the week you're having!

*tucks you up in a blanket and urges you to sleep...*