Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ten Questions Tuesday with Jimmy Maguire

Today Miscellaneous Yammering is pleased, proud and pretty much tickled pink to present the lovely and talented amazingly huggable, eclectic, well rounded, gorgeous and hunky not to mention extremely mouth wateringly sexy Jimmy Maguire for today's edition of Ten Questions Tuesday.
Jimmy is a singer/songwriter/musician/philosopher and recently released his new EP  23 Days to the universe. Here's the Promo Video…… I'll wait while you watch it while dancing around and humming the jeopardy theme. Ok, everybody back now with "Disappear" rocking around in their heads? [Love that song!] I know it will be hard, but try to wait til after the interview to download all the songs to your iPod, right now let's jump right in and get started finding out what makes Jimmy tick.

K: Hey Jimmy honey it's great to see you, it's been a while.  I see that you're already enjoying your green tea and your bowl of blueberries. Can I get you anything else? No? Well I just have to say you look great…. I mean really great ...and smell even better…..[wonders if she said that last part out loud]……who is that you're wearing on your tee shirt?

J: That's Janis. Janis Joplin. A good friend of mine took me to a concert in her honor and I fell in love with this shirt. I took Janis home with me.
K: Lucky Janis…..I love Janis, I don't know how I blanked on Janis…… I must have been distracted by something.... wow, that's really soft material.....

[people start to stare]

Oh, right….ok, well then if you're ready Jimmy I'm ready so lets get started with
K: Jimmy your energy offstage is drastically different than onstage. How do you whip yourself up for a performance and let all that pent up star power shine out to the audience?

J: Well something happens when my feet feel a stage beneath me. I feel the energy of the room, the energy of the audience; I feel my own energy within me. I feel my fingers and palms resting on the guitar-strings. I know that as soon as I strike them a door opens and all the emotion within me is allowed to go through. I feel and think in terms of notes and stillness, silence and sound, and my tools become the guitar and amplifiers. I stretch & bend the strings of my guitar and I saturate my vacuum-tube amplifiers. And it goes deeper...words come alive; their meanings are uncovered and tested. Words stand and cry & holler for my life and lives of those I love. I open my heart and my voice and I am filled with melody. I feel the guitar I'm holding covered in sweat, and I am transformed. 
K: If you could have any guitar that was ever made, what would you have? And would you name it?

J: I am endlessly enamored of both electric and acoustic guitars so think I will need more than one... a Wine-Red 50's Gibson Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar, an old Gibson Acoustic Guitar with a cutaway, something unusual like a Gretcsh with a Bigsby or an old voodoo-infused Telecaster. That would be my harem.  And actually, one I already own would be in there as well, she's had many lives already and has become a part of me. She's sleeping now, and has two names.  To the world I've always called her Phoenix, but there is so much of my sweat on her sanded maple body to me she has become my DNA. 
K: How old were you when you first started performing?

J: I started playing lead guitar at concerts in high school.
K: Have you ever bombed?

J: I once bombed in the role of sound technician. It was the hardest I ever worked, there were unspeakable circumstances and insurmountable odds, --looking back I'd say even though the bomb went off I saved the town. (Laughs) It is a favorite memory of mine that I laugh and cringe at often.  But, as a musician, fortunately I can say no. 

K: Describe the perfect night onstage.

J: Every night is a perfect night, each with a unique set of imperfections.  Sometimes a simple technical annoyance like not being able to hear myself sing will frustrate me and that emotion comes out in my guitar and voice. Imperfections become the obstacles that keep me alert and present while navigating a familiar course.
K: If making music was suddenly illegal would you still do it?

J: If breathing were suddenly illegal would you still do it?
K: Jimmy you know I'm a tree hugger and I don't want to shock your fan base or anything so I'll leave you some wiggle room and say that  I think that  you might be one  as well, do you find time to keep nature in your life now that your music career has taken off?

J: Tree hugging!  (Laughs) Excellent question.  Well, a good friend of mine pointed out that the guitars I play and wear against my body all day long are made out of wood from trees. I immediately went out to thank a tree for giving the world guitars... so I gave it a hug.  I've never stopped thanking them. 
K: A genie gives you three wishes. What would you wish for?

J: A Healthy Family. Beautiful Music.  Prosperous Music. 

K: Name your favorite rocker, your favorite album, your favorite super hero, your favorite food, and your favorite thing to do at three in the morning.

J: Fav rocker: Richie Kotzen, fav album: Born to Run, fav super hero: my son Noah, fav food: vegetables, at the moment fresh fennel, favorite thing to do at 3am... if I am alone... drink coffee and write music, if I am not alone... wake 'em up and see if they want to play.
And finally:

K: When you're rich and famous and living on your own private island right next door to Johnny Depp's private island can I come visit?

J: Yes, of course.
K: Jimmy it was a pleasure having you here at Miscellaneous Yammering today. To show my appreciation I'd like to present you with this custom cozy for your guitar case. It has multiple slots for things like pics, extra guitar strings and a tiny pencil and paper for when you're inspired and just have to write a snippet of lyric down before you lose it.

J: That is sooo sweet and exactly what I need.  
Jimmy's music is available on iTunes, Amazon, LimeWire, Rhapsody, LaLa, Shockhound  and at veryjimmy.com where you'll also find his upcoming performance schedule. 


Anonymous said...

Love the songs! And great interview Karen as always, enjoyed every question, you could pass off as a reporter in real life too :)

Karen from Mentor said...

Jimmy's awesome and he was really fun to interview.

And I'll say thanks for the vote of confidence Estrella...but I wouldn't want to go mainstream.... I'm pretty sure that most newspapers frown on man handling the interviewee...lol

Cat Connor said...

*Waves* from way down here in New Zealand. It's some ridiculous hour in the morning here - about to drag kids from their beds... Already I've been to you tube and listened to Jimmy.
Most awesome. Ya know - could be that Jimmy is the creator of my new writing music! Oh yeah -that good. :-)

Coffee.... I need coffee ...

Karen from Mentor said...

Thanks for the shout out on facebook and twitter down there in NZ Cat. I can't believe that you said that you're thinking about replacing Bon Jovi for writing inspiration.....but if you're going to do it Jimmy would be a GREAT choice.

What book will 23 Days be the soundtrack to?

Better talk to him about getting the rights now....before he goes all hollywood on ya.[grins at you cause that's not really likely he's one of the most down to earth people I've ever known]

Hugs honey!
Karen :0)

Cat Connor said...

I'll let ya know what book! Down to earth is good - we like that in a singer/song writer. :-)

I can't believe I'm looking at replacing Bon Jovi either - I'm loving the new album but inspiration wise - for Ellie - it just ain't happening! ;-)
Have had to resort of older stuff - and The Pogues - to write this Christmas story! LOL

judy said...

Wow! Excellent interview. I want my daughter to marry Jimmy. Oh wait. I don't have one of those. Guess I'll download some songs instead. Love the music, and the man behind the music seems pretty awesome too. (Like the "if music were illegal" answer.)

Karen from Mentor said...

That was my favorite answer too Judy. That and Noah being his superhero.
[the crowd goes awwwww]

Karen from Mentor said...

Down to earth for sure Cat, but doesn't hurt that he LOOKS like a rock star lol

and btw he's an awesome hugger.


Anonymous said...

Excellent music, Jimmy. I wish you success.

And I truly LOVE this statement: "Every night is a perfect night, each with a unique set of imperfections." What seems to be a contradiction there is actually profoundly true. Substitute soul for night. Am I right? Or is it the wine?

Cat Connor said...

Awesome hugger did you say? Tell him to get over to New Zealand immediately! :-)

Karen from Mentor said...

I have a better idea Cat...let's see it's wednesday here, already thursday for you...get on a plane bound for Ohio RIGHT NOW and you'll arrive in time to go with me to see Jimmy at the Boneyard this weekend. [then you could spend your birthday with me!...probably sleeping off the wine and the jetlag...but it would be totally worth it!]

Karen from Mentor said...

I loved that line too Linda and found it lyrical... so I don't think it was the wine.... I think that you were just reacting to the poet in Jimmy speaking to the poet in you.


Cat Connor said...

I'll have to bring wine with me - can't guarantee the best red ever is available in Ohio! (even non-red drinkers love when they taste it)

Quick get me some fairy dust! The kind that turns leaves into cold hard cash so I can get my airplane tickets - and spend my birthday with you! (and Jimmy, oh yes... because of him I finished that freaking story last night, YAY)

Karen from Mentor said...

Ah fairy dust. I wish. And I also wish I had a magic carpet. *sigh* But it would get pretty cold flying on a magic carpet ... then I'd need long johns...and a hat. And I look silly in hats....

I'm sure Jimmy will be pleased that downloading his music was the inspiration you needed to finish the Conway Christmas story you were working on. Although I don't know how you and Ellie have written a story without a body count....oh wait...you didn't kill off Santa did you?

Cat Connor said...

oh crap - I don't think I killed anyone! OMG - what on earth is wrong with me?

All is not lost - someone does get shot... whew. For a minute there I thought I'd gone soft.

Go download it and see!

Karen from Mentor said...

COOL. Glad you got it finished.

I'll go get it and see if it was Santa you shot...if so? You'll get coal in your stocking for sure....